Monday, September 8, 2014

Boom Page 2.0 Countdown to Comicon - Going Digital

I draw, normal pencil and paper draw. I'm not a painter, never liked the lack of control of a brush, I can sculpt, and have been doing it a bit more, and I enjoy working with pen and ink as well sometimes just a basic blue Bic Pen can wield some really cool textures.

Digital for me is something I have never trained in, my college years we didn't have iPads or tablets to use for class. I had a Wacom plug in years ago, but the software was nothing compared to the stuff that is available today. I now have an iPad and I have a sketchbook app but haven't used it very much. However I'm trying to learn some new techniques with new technologies. Even my new phone, the Galaxy Note 3 comes with a Samsung app called Pen Up, like Instagram for artists, very cool and I'm trying to use that more.

Some stuff I'm just coloring my hand drawn art, some I'm creating new, it is a learning process and I'm trying to get better at for a couple of reasons, biggest reason is The Buffalo Comicon.

Last year at the Buffalo Comicon while my son Austin and I sat at our table we noticed something taking place. Our table was selling some art, but not nearly as much as the guy next to us, I don't remember who it was but I do remember his style of art. Very cool, very slick, all digital and all colored. Now I thought of doing some hand coloring of my stuff, I got a great marker set that can handle it, but I also thought I would do a few digital pieces, and print off those prints for the show as well.

Above you can see my Harvey Dent hand drawn for my Batman Sketchbook, available this October at the Buffalo Comicon. Below, digitally colored Two- Face. I went with the color scheme of the Batman animated series, one of my favorite Two-Face iterations. See you at the con.