Friday, September 5, 2014

One Month to the Buffalo Comicon! October 5th 2014

The Buffalo Comicon returns to the Marriott in Amhers on October 5th 2014!

Yours truly, John Kindelan, will be there selling art.

A brand new Batman Sketchbook

Some brand new Guardians of the Galaxy art

Som Brand new X-Men & Avengers art

Some art with tie-ins to AXIS

This year Sculptures!!

Baby Groot Sculptures Large

Baby Groot Sculptures Small

Our Infinity Gem Collection:

Loki's Tesseract (Space Gem)

The Aether from Thor the Dark World (Reality Gem)

Ronan The Accuser Hammer with Power Gem

Come out to the Buffalo Comicon and check out my stuff and tons of other great artists.