Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Under The Hood Studios Premieres at Buffalo Comicon!

At the Buffalo Comicon Under The Hood Studios will be making its artistic premiere.

Two local artists have combined forces to bring you original stories and some fantastic art, creating Under The Hood Studios.

How was Under The Hood Studios born? No, we're not two auto mechanics who also have a passion for art, and no we are not two druids who between chanting discovered we both enjoy comic books. We sat down and after days of case studies, focus groups, online surveys and multiple deliberations and goings back and forth we came up with the name Under The Hood Studios.

Actually Chris said, "we both enjoy Arrow, how about Under The Hood". I added the Studios part.

Allow me to introduce you to local artist Chris Conti:

Chris Conti, a local guy born and bred here in Buffalo New York. His major influences in art are Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Mark Silvestri, Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, and Bill Waterson.

He is self-taught, years of practice have honed his skills, he works in mostly pencil line drawing. Drawing for Chris is a passion, he will work a piece until he is content with outcome, constantly refining the work until he feels its ready to show. An avid comic book reader, this is his first big show, and first appearnce at Buffalo Comicon. He is extremely excited to become part of the Buffalo Comicon universe and is looking forward to the event, October 5th. 

Growing up with super heroes and iconic characters from Marvel and DC he wants to bring to others what he had in his life. He is working towards eventually producing his own book, ‘Hellstorm’ (working title) a storm chaser of the most bizarre kind, tracking where the demonic Hellstorm has been to find clues to saving his family. 

Then the other member of Under the Hood Studios, myself, John Kindelan, also a Buffalo raised guy, with major influences in art from Paco Medina, Carlos Pacheco, and Chris Bachalo, and many more.

Trained at ECC and Buffalo State College in Art and Art Education, he has been drawing since he’s been old enough to hold a pencil. John works in pencil, pen and ink, digital as well as in both crafting and sculpting mediums.

My original goal was to work for Disney and do side work for the big two, but instead I stayed local and now have participated in local gallery shows and art festivals including the Burchfield Penny Museum, The Artist and Models Affair, and The Infringement Festival. I am a long time member of the Buffalo Comicon, I have been a part of the Buffalo Comicon since 2009.

For years I have run this site The BOOM Page, a pop culture themed blog about comics, movies, TV and art in Buffalo. I was also the artist and writer for Mr. 100 Days, an online fictional horror story, that ended in November 2012.  I currently have been working on a Batman sketchbook entitled, A Pennyworth of Knowledge, a sketchbook with descriptions written and drawn from the point of view of Alfred Pennyworth.

Future projects for Under The Hood Studios include expanding the ‘100’ Universe with working titles of:

Are We Dead Yet – 100 Places to See During a Zombie Apocalypse

100 Months of New Best Friends

100 Years in Hell

100 Immortals

The Buffalo Comicon is October 5th at the Marriott Hotel from 11am to 5pm. You can see more information at