Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why Ben Affleck WOULD Work as Being a Part of the Justice League Movie

Earlier today a story began on the Internet that actor/director Ben Affleck  was being asked to helm a new Justice League movie. Tonight the rumor has been proven to be just that, a rumor, as Affleck's people have said that there has been no talks in regards to Ben running the JLA movie but they would look at the project.

The rumor spread throughout social media, burning up Twitter and Facebook and the groans were louder than the cheers of the Olympics. A sea of bashing swelled up and washed all over the comic geek world as they continued to complain about how Affleck taking the reigns on Justice League would be an incredible injusice. (See what I did there). There were a few who complimented some of his work, but overall its been a negative day to poor ol' big Ben. 

I however feel otherwise, I think Ben would do a great job, I think he should be part of the project and let me explain why, by breaking down the whole Justice League movie and Affleck situation. We'll start with three big questions.

1. Why people hate Ben. The number one reason is a simple one word answer: Gigli. In 2003 Ben made a movie with his then girlfriend Jenifer Lopez, it was terrible, horrible even, and since then we are all left with a bad taste in our mouths. 

2. Why comic fans hate Ben Affleck: This one's even easier, they don't like him because of Daredevil. That same year, 2003, Ben did based on Hell's kitchen blind crime fighter and for some reason a lot of people don't like this movie. I do. Its not the best movie ever, but its not bad, its a superhero movie in which a super hero really has no massively apparent super powers. The way in which they did the effect of Daredevil's sonar powers was great. I loved Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin, I didn't care that he wasn't a big fat white guy, he played the character well and it worked. The fight scenes against Bullseye were great, the playful banter between him and Jenifer Garner/Elektra were okay as well. This was a gritty comic that was made into a movie that could be enjoyed by the American public. 

3. Does the movie have to be an origin story of the team? I know most of America doesn't know the origin story of the Justice League, but to be honest the book started in the 60s, most comic readers today don't know the original story of the Justice League coming together. Besides Starro would make a really lame villain. 

In regards to number three, what story should the Justice League movie be based on? With the new 52 I suppose there is the chance that it could be the origin story from that stretch of the Justice League, however, I think 90% of America would find the new JLA confusing, since they know a good deal about at least the three main characters of the film. Besides that with the popularity of Super Friends and The Justice League cartoon to treat the whole situation in the same manner as the new 52 wouldn't fly over so well. 

Suggested stories:

1. Justice League Midsummers Nightmare, one of my favorite JLA stories, it has the big seven and you could even insert Cyborg into the story without and big ramifications. You have a sole villain in Doctor Destiny and its a coming together story with the group already having established knowledge of one another. 

2. The Tower of Babel, already done as an animated movie in the form of DOOM. With the main villain in this being Ra's al Ghul, a man established in the Nolan films, the movie going public would be able to relate and see Batman's power on a team of super powered beings.

3. Justice League Year One. While the team would include Black Canary, having more women on the team would make it a bit better, even though Avengers only had Black Widow, adding Canary and her Harley to the team would be a nice addition. Aquaman's adjusting to the surface world, Barry behaving rather quiet and Hal being a jerk would all do nicely.

Suggested stars of the film:

Superman - to be played by Henry Cavill, star of the upcoming Man of Steel

Batman - to be played by my choice that I saw on another site I'll admit, Joe Manganiello also known as Alcide of True Blood, its about time we had a big tall strong looking Batman.

Wonder Woman - Olivia Wilde, while she may not be a giant Amazon woman, those eyes would do the Princess proud.

Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds, lets give the guy one more chance, after all he was just reading the script that was handed to him.

The Flash - Neil Patrick Harris, now before you say anything imagine the banter between Reynolds and NPH. Also, he'd play science cop Barry Allen or Wally West well whichever one they chose. 

Aguaman - Kenneth Branagh, I feel Arthur should  be older than all of them, his arrogance of being King of Atlantis would work better and he would argue that he should be leader of the team.

Martian Manhunter - either Carl Lumbly the man who's been the voice of the animated J'onn J'onz or Peter Mensah of Spartacus and True Blood this season.

Cyborg - a younger cyborg and a nod to televisions Smallville would work for me, casting Lee Thompson Young as cyborg in my opinion would work fine.

A huge problem comic fans had with Affleck directing also was that it was said he would have a part in the film, and I think they were worried he would take on one of the roles of the big seven, however I have the perfect part for him. Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's military contact person, friend and possible love interest. There you go, Affleck played a good Jack Ryan so pulling off Trevor wouldn't be a problem. 

Now, why Affleck would be GOOD for this movie can also be answered in a quick answer, The Town. An excellent crime action drama film written and directed by Affleck, to me its the next generations Heat. 

To complain about Affleck solely for Gigli is dumb, look at the rest of his credits, we'lll work backwards from The Town (I'll only comment on the ones I've seen)

Extract - a very funny movie where Affleck plays the stoner friend in a very convincing way.
He's Just Not That Into You - only saw part of it, my girls loved the movie however
Smokin Aces - He's only in it for a moment really but his part with Chris Pine is priceless
Hollywoodland - A dark drama about the death of George Reeves, pretty good actually
Clerks II - only in it briefly but still, its Clerks 2, you have to love it
Surviving Christmas - a surprisingly funny Christmas movie
Jersey Girl - Okay I didn't like this one
Paycheck - not bad, not the best, but not horrible

and the list goes on, Good Will Hunting, Jay and Silent Bob, Phantoms, Armageddon, and more, he had one bad movie, lets not forget guys like Deniro made movies like Rocky and Bullwinkle, not all of them are golden. 

So Ben, if you get this article, as a comic geek and a movie lover I give you the nod to go ahead and be a part of The Justice League movie.