Monday, August 13, 2012

Marvel Monday for August 13th 2012!

Hello True Believers and welcome to another edition of Marvel Monday, I'm your host John Kindelan, where I'll take you on a world wind tour of whats going on in the Marvel Universe this Monday!

Movie news, TV news, Con news and X-Men disappointments all covered in today's Marvel Monday.

Big news that came in last week, Joss Whedon will be returning to write and direct, its also been announced today that we might have a release date for May 1st of 2015. I think I'll wait a bit before I go and sit outside the theater. No word yet on who the villain will be, we might get Thanos as hinted at, at the end of the first Avengers, but he'll most likely have some side villain doing his work, he's not really a hands on type of purple guy. Will we get Ultron, Kang, Mephisto, or maybe even a group like The Masters of Evil, though they'll have to have a better name than that. 

Its also said that as part of Whedon's contract he'll be doing a TV series based inside the Marvel Universe. Most likely the show will focus on S.H.I.E.LD. but there is a strong possibility with that there can be guest appearances from all sorts of Marvel Heroes. One week have Nova fly in, then the next week get a guest appearance by Iron Fist and Luke Cage. 

At 5pm today, I'm guessing Eastern Time, is having a live video blog where it says they'll be making a big announcement. What that announcement is I have no idea, but rest assured, I'll be tuning in. 

There is a contest up on in regards to designing a Make Mine Marvel T-Shirt, deadline is August 26th, I'm all over this, I'll be posting my sketches up here so you can help me pick which one you like best. Here is some more information direct from the Marvel site:

Calling all artists! Marvel fans now have the opportunity to design and vote on an official Avengers-inspired t-shirt in the Make My Marvel Mighty Design Challenge!
Starting today and running until August 26 at 11:59 p.m. PT, Marvelites can unleash their artistic super powers by creating their very own Avengers-inspired designs. Entries must be submitted on the official Marvel Facebook page, following the instructions in the provided design kit. There is no limit on submissions.
After the submission period ends on August 26, the top five designs will be chosen by Marvel. Starting August 29, fans will get to vote on their favorite design, and the winner will be featured on an official Marvel t-shirt!
All submissions must follow the official rules here

More on

Marvel is really going all out today, there is also a preview of Uncanny Avengers #2, the new book from Marvel now that combines X-Men and Avengers. The cover is a bit trippy, and from what I can see its obviously Red Skull, but I have no idea who those other guys are, if anyone knows, please leave your guesses in the comments section below. 

Over on they have some more new Marvel Polos, the one featured today is a S.H.I.E.L.D. polo, so you know when Fury and Dugan go golfing.

Queen City Bookstore has their image up of this weeks comics, they also have been announcing some guests who will be at the upcoming October Buffalo comic con. Guest so far are Dave Piero, and myself John Kindelan. Yep, I'll be at the comic con selling my art, blogging, and having a great time. Sunday October 7th, 2012 like Queen City Bookstore's page to get more updates on facebook.

My one gripe about Marvel today would be that last week in X-Men Legacy we have a side story of Rogue being trapped in another dimension. It seems to me that it always felt that the X-Men were always left out of the big summer projects at ! Over in New Avengers we had a great story of the Illuminati reuniting and we got to see the pain and suffering Professor X is going through. We learned how the FF feels about this whole thing, and we got to see if Namor would still show up for the meeting. 

It was great stuff, so why are the X-Men wasting their time in the spotlight with stories like these? I have no idea, fix that X-Men, you're dropping the ball.

More to come today and be sure to check out my Bleacher Report articles as well.