Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th Be With You! National Star Wars Day

Happy National Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you.

In honor of National Star Wars Day here are some great ways you can celebrate and a whole bunch of of other Star Wars goodness:

For breakfast, head over to Williams-Sonoma (there's one on the lower level of the Galleria Mall for all my Western New Yorkers) and pick up your Star Wars pancake molds as well as your Dart Vader spatula, nothing starts the day with a good breakfast in the shape of the one vehicle all us geeks want to ride at least once, the Millennium Falcon.

For Lunch today, hopefully you grabbed some other stuff from William Sonoma (by the way, its all on say today, like 50% off so get get this cool geek swag for the kitchen)
Make yourself a nice Ham Solo Empire Strikes Back Burger
Make yourself a standard hamburger but cook it about medium rare.
Then dip the burger in an egg wash and coat it with Panko breadcumbs.
Do a quick deepfry in some carbonite, or vegetable oil, whichever will work.
Place it on your Millennium Falcon Bread
Top it with some planet Hoth Iceberg lettuce
some Kashik ketchup and your ready to go.
A nice side of Bobba Fett-ucini would go nicely with your burger as well.

For Dinner I would go with a Death Star pizza.
Simply go to your local grocery store, purchase an all cheese cook it your self pizza and then in the upper left of the pizza place all of your pepperoni right there in a circle shape. 
Take a butter knife and scrape away the cheese revealing just the sauce at the 'equator' of the pizza and you have your self one fully operational Star Wars Death Star pizza.

For the adults might I recommend two different beers, a Dark Side Guiness and a Coors Light Sabre brew. Choose which one you'll be joining