Friday, May 4, 2012


There are three things you should be doing tomorrow.

1. Go to your local comic book shop and celebrate Free Comic Book Day

What is free comic book day, well its the day that there's free comics
Here is the link to find a store near you:

After you've picked up your free copy of Avengers...

2. Go see the Avengers, it is the best comic book movie you will EVER see!

Funny, action, amazing effects and a 45 minute end fight scene that will leave you sitting there saying Oh My God!

After the movie is over, be sure to stay after the credits, you'll see two, yes two added scenes for the movie. The first is very crucial and extremely cool if you're a comic geek like me. I did figure it out before it was revealed, see if you can too.
The second is funny, I didn't see it, but I read about it.

3. It also happens to be Cinco De Mayo, so you need to be having some tacos, tequila or at least a corona, of course if you are of age.