Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers, what more can be said except, whats next.

You can't throw a rock on the Internet without hitting an Avengers article or review (actually you can't throw a rock on the Internet at all, but that would be cool, get to work on that Al Gore) The movie has had the largest movie opening of all time beating out that wimpy Harry Potter kid and his mischievous friends. Seriously, did we think the combined power of the Avengers couldn't topple a couple of kids and their wands.

It in my opinion is the greatest live action super hero movie ever created, beating my other two big time favorites The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2. While X-Men First Class was the last big Marvel movie, and it indeed was great, it was also a little long and had some lagging parts that might have been tightened up a bit to make for a faster paced movie. 

The Avengers doesn't have that issue, while it is over 2 hours the movie certainly doesn't feel like it, that very well could be that the last 45 minutes of the film is one massive fight scene of six Avengers vs. an entire alien army trying to invade and enslave Earth.

The action and special effects bring the movie the power and intensity but its really the films dialogue and humor that make this one of the best of all time. Written by Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly and writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss brought something that has been lacking from comic movies despite the amount of it in comic books, humor.

Tony Stark referring to Thor as Point Break, Captain America getting excited because he finally gets a reference when it has to do with The Wizard of Oz, and the antics of the Hulk in the film really build the characters and drive the story along with the team dynamic. 

But what's next? A sequel obviously and a secret scene after some of the credits has shown who the possible main villain can be. With a villain of that magnitude do you keep the existing team or do you grow it a little more and bring in some more Avengers? If so lets take a look at who we can add and who could play them.

1. Ant Man - Hank Pym. The brilliant scientist can be an employee of SHIELD but some big changes would have to take place to his character before he made it to the silver screen. I can't see them adding a guy who's abusive to his wife a superhero on the big screen so Hank's jerk personality would have to be tweaked in order to make him a bit more likable. We'd also need to do something with that helmet. Just because you control ants doesn't mean you have to make your helmet look like one of their heads. That mind controlling device will not look good on the big screen. Who could play the man who can control the tiny creatures? Why not Joel McHale. His smarmy attitude would be just jerky enough and he's physically fit enough with just the touch of geek look to him that he could play a great Hank Pym.

2. The Wasp - Janet Van Dyne. I really wouldn't want her in the movie to be honest, she's small when using her powers so action shots of her would be difficult to include any other character besides Ant Man. To cast her I'd use Evangeline Lilly, as Kate on Lost she had that ability to be a get down and dirty fighting girl but she also had that soft pretty girl side as well.

3. Power Man - Luke Cage, we wouldn't use Power Man as his name it would just strictly be Luke Cage. I would definitely have him working at Heroes for Hire in heart of Harlem where he would be recruited or retained as an Avenger to help out with the task at hand. The hero with unbreakable skin and crazy strength would be brilliantly played by Terry Crewes. I'd give anything to hear Crewes yell out SWEET CHRISTMAS!

4. Iron Fist - Danny Rand, if you're going to have Cage you have to have Fist, he'd be working with Cage at Heroes for Hire despite the fact that he's a millionaire business man. I'd give him a connection to Tony Stark, business rivals of sort and have him too be recruited by the team. Jensen Ackles from Supernatural would make a great Iron Fist, he'd have the humor and ability to work well in a buddy role and he's shown he can do the fight scenes on Supernatural.

So who would you add to the cast?