Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to my brother and The Rock

Today is May 2nd and I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my younger brother Dennis. I was born September 2nd and he was born May 2nd, our sister screwed it up and came to early and was born November 29th rather than December 2nd. 

Dennis and his wife Amanda and he are expecting a new baby girl any day now and my bet is that the baby is born today on his birthday. But being its 2:30 in the afternoon and all is still quiet I'm afraid I might lose my bet here.

So Happy Birthday little brother, the Havoc to my Cyclops, hope you have a great day and you're blessed with the best birthday present you could ever get.

Also celebrating his 40th birthday today The Great One, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. 
Happy Birthday Rocky, hope your celebrating it on the set of the movie Pain and Gain.