Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men: Uncanny X-Men 11

In the second round of Avengers vs. X-Men we have several battles going on, the one that took place in Uncanny X-Men #11 was The Red Hulk versus the X-Men's Colossus. The battle was foreshadowed in AvX #1 where we saw the Red Hulk initially hit Colossus and claim that he was the strongest one there is. Lets do a tale of a tape and break down the two men going at it in this round.

The Red Hulk - "Thunder bolt" Thadeus Ross Height: 10' Weight: 1200 lbs.  
Strength level:  Superhuman: Potentially incalculable, able to lift in excess of 100 tons.

Other abilities: super level healing factor, energy absorption, heat generation, super human stamina and durability.

The Red Hulk is General Thunderbolt Ross, the man  who hunted the Hulk for years and father of Betty Ross, Bruce Banners one time love interest. He unlike the Green Hulk does not get stronger with rage, he generates heat and in fact it causes him to weaken.

Colossus you may know as Piotr Rasputin the heart of the X-Men who has the mutant ability to transform his skin into organic steel. Recent events in the X-Men universe have now made Colossus posses the power of the Juggernaut. Cain Marko no longer has the power and its demonic unstopable momentum power.

Colossus - Piotr Rasputin, Height: up to 12' when in full Juggernaut mode. Weight: undetermined due to the ability to change size from human, to Colossus to Juggernaut.
Strength level:  Superhuman: Potentially incalculable, able to lift in excess of 100 tons.

Other abilities: superhuman durability, superhuman durability, organic steel skin which has the similar properties to the metal Osmium. In Juggernauth form he poses mystical abilities including being able to be 'unstoppable'.

In issue #11 we see the battle between these two goliaths take place underwarter at the base of Utopia as the rest of the two teams battle on the surface. In this war of monsters Colossus quickly transforms into the Juggernaut to take on the Hulk and goes on to try and break every bone in the Hulks body. With the rage of the Juggernaut becoming out of control Piotr takes control and forfeits the match, removing his Juggernaut helmet and reverting back to his Colossus level of power. He stops fighting back and allows the Red Hulk to defeat him.

A loss to team X-Men, but only because Colossus was afraid of what he would do to the Red Hulk and how much he would damage the surrounding enviroment.

The story was by writer Kieron Gillenthoughs of Namor were great, as well as Colossus inner turmoil.

The 'penciler' of the book is Greg Land. I am not a fan. Greg Land is a notorious tracer and stealer of other artists work. While I as an artist go by the rule that you always need a reference but Land just point blank steals so much its ridiculous. There are entire blogs and websites dedicated to Land's artistic thievery. Hope summers is supposed to be a young teenage girl, and she looks identical to Emma Frost in this issue. Cyclops is drawn far to heavy and is clearly Vale Kilmer in a Cyclops visor. Colossus as the Juggernaut looks like a demonic version of Onslaught. Land continues to do unjustice to the comic industry and I'm not exactly sure why the editors at Marvel allow it to go on.

Outside of the art factor this is a must have for those keeping up with AvX.