Monday, September 12, 2011

WWE Night of Champions: BOOM spotlight on Mark Henry

Next Sunday, September 18th the WWE pay per view will be taking place right here in Buffalo NY, yours truly will of course be attending and cannot wait as the card set up for the match thus far seems fantastic.All week long I'll be posting updates on the event leading right up to the event itself spotlighting each of the matches, making my predictions and other fun commentary in the way my mind usually spills out what it does.

I've got an article up on Bleacher Report that you can check out here in regards to Mark Henry, the world's strongest man and what I think his odds are of winning the fight. 

Henry's path of destruction through the Smackdown locker room has been devastating as he has inducted superstar after superstar into his 'Hall of Pain.' This past Friday, September 9th the WWE aired a promo for Henry that summed up this man's rampage and truly portrayed Henry as a force to be reckoned with.

Check out my article on Bleacher through the link above or on the main link on The BOOM Page under WWE BOOM and check back every day all week for more WWE Night of Champions updates as it rolls on into right here, Buffalo NY.