Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WWE Night of Champions BOOM spotlight on Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has been with the WWE since 2009 and in those two short years he has really catapulted himself to the top of the roster.

This Sunday he has a match against John Cena, where he will defend his WWE championship.
I've put up a full article on my predictions for that match over on Bleacher Report.com and you can check it out through either the link above WWE BOOM or at the link at the bottom of this blog.

I'm calling Alberto Del Rio as the winner of this match not only because I think it will help the story line between the two superstars but because I think Del Rio has the abilities to be champion for quiet some time.

Del Rio a former Lucha Libre masked wrestler since 2000, has been wrestling all over the world before he even stepped a foot in a WWE ring. His Lucha Libre skills are impressive by themselves, but his time as an  MMA fighter under the name. Dos Caras Jr.really showcases his skills when taking on another fighter in the ring. His career in the MMA was short, having only a record of 9 wins and 5 losses and sadly his most well known MMA match is one in which it lasted only 46 seconds. He took a high kick to the head and was knocked out on his feet.

Del Rio pulls up in his flashy cars each week on either Smackdown or Raw, and he looks like the offspring of JBL and Eddie Guerrero, but he has really established himself as a main event wrestler on both shows. His feuds against Rey Mysterio and The Big Show echoed the past matches of those two against the great Eddie Guerrero and while it sounds as though he's copy of Eddie, I consider it to be a huge compliment. It would be like if someone told me I draw like Michelangelo, Del Rio is an artist who's talent can be compared to those greats before him.

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And stay tuned all week as I post an article each day building up to the big event on Sunday as Night of Champions pay per view takes place right here in Buffalo NY.