Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DC Comics The new 52 begins today.

Fifty two brand new number one issues from DC comics starts today as Justice Leauge #1 hits the stands. I'll be heading over to Don's Atomic Comics on Transit Rd. in Depew to pick up my copy today. This is part of a big push by DC, big push is probably a good term.

Big Push 1 - 52 all new titles killing our pocket books if we are dedicated fans
Big Push 2 - Throwing away all our history and nostalgia and forgetting character histories to create new ones.
Big Push 3 - Creating new history means bringing in new readers and more money
Big Push 4 - will old readers bail out and have DC lose money?
BP 5 -  digital comics are available the same day as print making a technology push
BP 6 - This may push readers out of local comic shops
BP 7 - Big name new artists and new creators means better stories?

And it can go on.

Here is an image of the new Justice League #1, Justice League has always been my team for DC, always have loved them, but the last run they had with a different team and that last issue was horrible. They crapped all over everything the Justice League was alway supposed to be, the best of the best heroes taking on the biggest issues.

This new team we see above consists of the big names everyone knows, and that I had always loved, but I have some issues. 

  • Aquaman has two hands again, and he's pretty much always been lame.
  • Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, got ousted by the GL corps in the last issue of his book, we ignore all that and just accept this. 
  • Wonder Woman back in pants, she so messed up as a character I don't know where to start.
  • Superman no longer has underwear on the outside no big deal, but he's like in his 20s, whats that about?
  • Batman I guess is still Batman
  • Flash is Barry Allen, I prefer Wally West and they've crapped all over the guy who was my favorite character.
  • Cyborg from Teen Titans fame has graduated to the big leagues, but will he still say BooYah! He better.
The biggest thing in this however for those of you who aren't comic geeks, is the missing Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onz. MM has been apart of every Justice League version since its creation, this will be his first he's not a part of, they dumped him over in Stormshadow or something like that, total crap.

I'll pick up today's number 1, and probably 99% of the other #1s that are coming out, keep tabs on The BOOM page to see what I get each week and a brief write up about the issues.
(I'm pretty sure the Justice League movie ruined Manhunters chance of ever being on the cool team)