Friday, August 26, 2011

Spider-Man vacation

The first week of August my family and I went on vacation, we drove from here in Buffalo NY, all the way to Orlando Florida to enjoy Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.
Seven of us in a van for nearly 22 hours.
But we brought someone else with us as well.
In the past we brought Batman with us when we went on vacation to Toronto to the Zoo and a few other places, since we were on our way to Universal Studios and the Island of Adventure this time we took...
The Amazing Spider-Man!
Spidey enjoyed the drive and I had some pics of him at rest stops but I've seen to misplaced a few of those, I'll have to check with J. Jonah Jameson to see if he took them.
I do have these two from when we stopped at a Shoneys for lunch in what I think was West Virginia.
Spidey before the eating at Shoneys...

Spider-Man after eating at Shoneys...
not the best food but it was definitely an experience.

In Disney World I enjoyed the Dumbo ride with Spidey...
His spider powers let him cling there just fine the whole time.

We enjoyed lunch at Pecos Bills restaurant, Spidey chilled out from the heat by sitting on my Coke.

He also enjoyed riding the tram in Disney World when we headed over to Chef Mickeys for my daughters Ninth birthday.

Spider-Man really enjoyed all the adoration he was getting in Universal Studios.
Dolls and action figures in all sizes really boosted his ego.

We got special parking in the Spider-Man parking lot because the man himself was with us.
He however didn't have any cash in his suit, so we still had to pay.

Emma tried to keep Spider-Man chilled out with her little spray fan, the heat at Universal was in the 90s but felt like the 100s. Wearing a mask probably didn't help the wall crawler much.

Dyllan had a different idea on how to keep Spider-Man cool.
Sydney did not enjoy it, I don't think he did either.

Emma cooled off in the Coca Cola cooling station, but as you can see from her face, it didn't seem to work so well, Austin tried instructing her from the side lines, while Spidey chilled out and had a jungle adventure of his own, the man doesn't know how to take a vacation.

We did get him to enjoy the Simpsons Ride so at least there was that.

He also enjoyed Downtown Disney

The Vinylmation store chilling with some other action figures.

And even breaking into a little bird cage at the cooking store.

Spider-Man had a great vacation and so did we.
Can't wait to go back.