Friday, July 8, 2011

BOOM Radio is born

In my latest addition to The BOOM page I have added online radio to the mix. You'll see a new link on the top of the page that says BOOM Radio, this will take you to my online radio page with Think Twice Radio. The good people at Think Twice offered me the show and I jumped at the chance to once again add something to the mix.

In this first episode I'll admit I wasn't 100% prepared, things spiral at one point, but they get back on track quickly. We discuss comics, TV, movies, video games and more, on our way to the show we said we wouldn't talk the whole one hour we were allowed, but in the end we ended up talking for about 55 minutes.

My first guests were my daughter Sydney and my son Austin, Sydney discussed TV and the likes of kids her age and Austin was our video game expert talking about his favorite games and what effects video games have on kids growing up.

We laughed, joked around and had a great time. I'm really looking forward to maybe doing two shows a month and laughing the whole time.

Hope you enjoy, feel free to spread the news, share and enjoy.