Friday, June 3, 2011

Super starring Rainn Wilson, Super Dark and Super Good

Last night I watched Super starring a slew of great stars, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Ellen Page, Michale Rooker, Gregg Henry and Nathan Fillion. When Frank's (Rainn) wife (Liv) leaves him to go back to her life of drugs and live with drug dealer (Bacon) he decides he must fight evil on all fronts and eventually take down Kevin Bacon and get his wife Sarah back.

With no fighting skills he dons a costume and becomes The Crimson Bolt, armed with a pipe wrench and an attitude thinking that he was chosen by God to fight crime he takes on drug dealers, thieves, and the scum of the city. When things start to get a little out of control he ends up getting a side kick to help him out, comic book shop worker Libby (Ellen Page) becomes Boltie, and then things really get out of control.

Seeing Rainn in a starring role like this and not having that Dwight Schrute persona really let him shine, he was fantastic in it with his delivery of lines, there's a scene where he prays to God asking why was he cursed with the life he has, his looks, his personality, why is he like the way he is and all he wants is his wife back. The scene is extremely powerful and so heartfelt that you really feel for this character.

Everyone in this movie brings something to it. Liv Tyler is fantastic in showing her up and down swings as a struggling drug addict. Nathan Fillion as the Holy Avenger is too funny, its as if Captain Hammer found religion and Kevin Bacon as the bag guy is superb, he fits the role almost too well.

I'm huge on movie quotes and this film is filled with some great ones.

Libby: This is so boring!
Frank: Maybe you have to be bored sometimes
Libby: You never see super heroes being bored
Fank: Thats what happens in between the panels.

Bad guy: You really think stabbing me to death is going to change the world?!
Crimson Bolt: I can't know that for sure....unless I try.


This movie however is probably not for all, its definitely not your typical super hero movie you watch with little kids, its very violent, Libby is very vulgar and there is one sex scene that gets a little weird as well. Similar to Kick Ass it was like the Reservoir Dogs of Super Hero movies or maybe more along the lines of the movie Very Bad Things, only darker and more violent. I enjoy a good dark movie every now and then and this one was a real surprise and a great film.

Also please  catch in the clip below where Rainn Wilson promotes the BOOM page.