Friday, June 3, 2011

Casting X-Men with WWE Superstars

What if the new X-Men First Class film was a WWE film and cast with WWE superstars? That article of mine is up at Bleacher Report and a link is at the bottom of this blog. But what about the other X-Men, the ones from the comics, that aren't in First Class? Well in honor of the release of the film today I wanted to do several X-Men articles mainly due to my love of The X-Men. So while I can't build a slide show here on blogger, or at least I don't know how, here are the rest of the X-Men, not in first class casted with WWE Superstars, and be sure to check out the Bleacher Report article below.

Can anyone else be the leader of the X-Men other than the leader of the WWE Universe John Cena? Tough, resilient and never backing down from a fight Cena would make a great Cyclops.

Canadian, check. Bad-ass, check. Fought amazing hardcore battles, check. Who better to be Wolverine than the Rated R Superstar Edge.

The high flying and acrobatic Nightcrawler is a perfect match for the insanely high flying Evan Bourne.

Cocky and self assured combined with good looks and the skills to back your mouth sound like every one's favorite Cajun Gambit and WWE superstar Drew McIntyre.

A long time member of the WWE Universe and a long time member of the X-Men, Christian and Iceman are a perfect match to have Captain Charisma be the coolest guy on the X-men. (Ohhhhh get it)

The name colossus means huge so who better than the worlds larges athlete The Big Show to armor up and play the part.

Commander of the winds the might Storm could be played by WWE Diva Alicia Fox, I mean come on, she can't be worse than Halley Berry.

Is he an Angel with wings or an Archangel with metal knives for wings? The questionable Archangel would be a perfect fit for the anit-hero Randy Orton.

They have the build, they're practically superheroes in the ring already, what better fit for the X-Men than the WWE Superstars. Any others feel free to comment and suggest, and head on over to the Bleacher Report to see the rest of the list there for X-Men First Class. Click Here