Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is the WWE Diva division going away?

There have been speculations that the entire Diva division would be removed from the WWE, its long been joked that the Diva segments are the 'bathroom breaks' of the pay per-view and recently announcer Michael Cole's character actually was bashing the segments on Monday Night Raw.

It looked as the though the division was going to see an upswing with the introduction of a not so usual Diva to the company, Kharma. Formerly known as Awesome Kong at TNA, Kharma had been building segments of coming on the show and terrorizing the Divas after their matches. The WWE Universe was really into this as each week when she would come out and dominate one of the women in the ring people stayed tune. I'm sure like myself the rest of the fans were hoping to see a build up of her eventually taking on our own girl from Buffalo, NY Beth Phoenix the powerhouse of the Diva division.

But at the last WWE ppv Over The Limit we saw a different Kharma, she came to the ring and broke down and cried. It was revealed this past Monday, May 30th, that Kharma will be leaving the WWE ring for the next 9 months as she is pregnant. She broke character and spoke to the audience honestly saying shes had two dreams: one to be a WWE Diva, the other to be a mom. While its really bad timing as she never even had one match, we all hope she has a safe pregnancy and one day returns to the WWE Universe.

So the force that seemed to be breathing life into the Diva division has been stopped and now we have the same previous Diva's we had before and the same situations as it being the 'bathroom breaks' of the night. The other factor killing the Divas division is the WWE's PG era. With a more family orientated show being produced we no longer have the specialty Diva matches like pillow fights, paddle on a pole, or mud pit matches, you know, the quality stuff.

While I understand the PG era and appreciate it as well, I really think the WWE can step up the 'sexy' factor of the Divas and still stay in the PG era. The woman in this group are obviously beautiful and sexy; they're also athletes and actresses and they have to tell a story when in the ring. That is whats been lacking, a story, a rivalry between characters and a huge lack of sex appeal. The team of Lay Cool did well in the division because they were both sexy and bullies the 'mean girls' had character. The WWE needs to develop the characters of these women so we want to watch and keep the long time Diva division alive on the show.

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