Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hanna Barbera research

Watching Boomerang to be reminded of some great Hanna Barbera cartoons, unfortunately only the Smurfs are on right now, and there are just too many questions. 10 questions the smurfs need to answer!

1. Why the hell do they use the smurf so much and alter what it means?

2. How is Papa Smurf the oldest? Did he kill all the elder smurfs?

3. Is Gargamel gay?

4. Why is Brainy smurf called brainy, he doesn't seem very smart, he should be douchebag smurf.

5. Why is there one female smurf? How the hell do those things procreate?

6. There was a baby smurf? Where the hell did it come from and will it ever age?

7. Is Papa Smurf the only one capable of growing facial hair?

8. Are there other smurf villages and this is the only one we see? Like is there a smurf ghetto?

9. How does Gargamel know that smurfs taste good, has he eaten some already?

10. Do you get your name after you get a job or do you have to take the job because of your name? Like what if Handy was a crappy carpenter?

One last one, where the hell did Hefty Smurf get a tatto from? Is there a tattoo parlor in smurf village?