Thursday, March 18, 2010

Celebrating St. Pats Day with the Saints

Sunday we had corn beef and cabbage. We didn't make it to the parade, but since the parade is usually loud drunk people peeing outside in public I'm not that disappointed.
Yesterday I got corn beef again while at work. Didn't hold a candle to the dinner we had on Sunday, weird that a half Puerto Rican/ half Polish woman can rock the corn beef and cabbage better than I've ever had.

So Wednesday being our weekly night out, we knew we didn't want to head to a pub for dinner, or at least not one that was Irish orientated and have to fight a massive crowd for dinner. So where do you go when you don't want to run into a big crowd out to eat on St. Patrick's Day? Salsaritas, not to many people celebrating the green at a Mexican restaurant.

A quick stop for some ice cream down at Jimmy's on George Urban, did I get Mint Chocolate Chip to honor Erin Go Brag? Nope, I got canolli flavored ice cream instead. I just couldn't resist, the Italian in me took over.

Then home to watch a St. Patrick's Day movie, Boondock Saints 2 - All Saints Day. The sequel that took 8 years to make and the follow up to Troy Duffy's cult classic Boondock Saints. If you haven't seen either of these movies I highly recommend you head over to any DVD store and just buy them, don't rent, buy them, they're classics and must have for your library.

I'm such a fan that I've gotten a tattoo similar to the tattoo of one of the characters in the movie. It's my third tattoo, but its sadly not finished yet. My goal is to get it done this month. My tattoo says Aequitas which in loose translation from Latin means Justice, this was worn by the one brother in the movie. The other brother wore had the tattoo Veritas, Truth, on his opposite hand. Together they spread truth and justice. Kortney wears Veritas on her wrist, and she too wants to elaborate a bit more on the tattoo and we will hopefully both go and get them finished this month. Keep an eye on the boom page to see how it goes down.