Friday, March 26, 2010

The dogs prevent the blogs.

Things have been crazy in our house lately, health issues, school items, stuff around the house and of course the normal running around.

With the crappy weather the back yard is a mess, muddy and flooded like the rest of WNY, which means our one dog Jasper, can't go in the back yard. He's a golden retriever, long hair, and he's a puppy and he likes to gallop. Litterally. He gallops. So his jumping and trotting while running causes the mud and water to really kick up and get all over him. So as to not have to give him a bath every day, after every time he needs to go outside we have to walk him a lot. And its not easy to blog and walk oddly enough. Jasper likes to jump around and dance on walks, bite at the leash, he's a bit of a dope. His nick name is Jass-hole, so you know walking him is fun times. He's named Jasper after the character in Twilight, the weirdo vampire kid. Fits nicely.

Our other dogs, Sawyer and Frasier can go in the back yard, but get jealous of the walks so they too have to be walked. Ugh. Sawyer is a big black wolfhound/black lab mix he's about 4 years old, we rescued him from an animal adoption place, Joyful Rescues. Well we didn't rescue him from them, we adopted him from them, they are an animal rescue agency. We believe that mixed in with Sawyer is possibly some sort of Hell Hound, or wolf, the best way to describe his look is he's the dog/wolf that young Leonidas kills in the beginning of 300. Sawyer is much more calm on walks, but does have the need to pee on everything, especially everything that either Jasper or Frasier have already peed on, I believe this is how the term pissing match came about.

The two of them are so strong however that walking both at the same time is a huge pain because I basically get taken for a drag. I have to position myself at a 45 degree angle so that I can have some leverage on them and not get yanked away. I listen to Ceasar Millan and try and dog whisper them, be the pack leader, and its not bad for the most part, but if they see another dog or God help me a squirrel or a rabbit I'm done for.

Frasier is the little jack russell of the group, he's old, like 16 in human years, so that makes him about 112? He's old. And small, he's easy enough to take care of however, we can let him walk out front on his own, he doesn't run so its not like he's getting away or darting to the street. But on the other side of the coin, he's practically deaf, or he just doesn't want to listen, so sometimes getting him back is a bit of an issue, but like I said he's not hard to catch.

Anyway with warmer weather comes more ease of back yard shenanigans for the dogs, and allowing them to run crazy in the back yard, and allowing me more time to write and draw.

Next Hanna-BooBerra art coming soon. Working on Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.