Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off to Wizard World!

Last year you may remember a series of videos up at You Tube called The Road to Wizard World. I had them up at as well, but due to a series of events we were unable to go to the comic convention.

Well this year we are on our way. As a matter of fact, this morning, as in right now.

Me, Kortney and Dalton are headed on a road trip to Toronto Ontario Canada to be a part of Wizard World! The bag of goodies is packed, the comic book t-shirts are on and we are good to go.
Best part you all get to come with us, sort of.

The boom page has a feature that I can update right from my phone. So I'll be sending updates and fun facts on our roadtrip to the TO. In doing sosme research on road trips, road trip movies more precisely we have found there is a formula to make a good road trip.

1. The Main Character who has a quest - that would be, I've been waiting so long to get to this convention.
2. The Best Friend and moral support - that would be Kort, she'll be the one who says, "come on we can do this.."
3. The Geek and Love interest of the best friend  - thats Dalton, he wants to be the wild card, but I'm not sure he's trouble maker enough.

I'll keep updating here throughout the day, and on facebook so stay with us on our road trip, weird thought however what if this isnt a comedy road trip and its a horror, damn it were screwed.