Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Buffalo Comicon Announcement for all artists Attending! And a quick survey.

I was on Facebook and saw a post from Mike McKone (currently artist on Avengers Academy) that he had lost a Sketchoff at a Comic-Con he was attending, he also had a bunch of photos of some great commissions he did at the event, really great stuff.

I got to thinking, the artists of the Buffalo Comicon should hold a Sketch-Off.
I reached out to Emil Novak and it went like this:

So here's the deal artists, we're going to have a Sketch-Off and then do an Auction at the Under The Hood Booth at 2pm. Sketch paper will be provided for you, so they are all on the same format of paper, it will be a 11x17 sheet, we will determine the subject matter via a survey, (below) all the proceeds from the Auction will go towards The Lupus Foundation http://www.lupus.org/

Time for a quick survey - I personally love getting the survey calls, my wife is not a fan that I take the time to answer some questions, but I think of it as half giving important information and half how much fun can I have with it. 

If you however could have some fun and take a look at this survey:

Thanks for all your help and we look forward to meeting you at the Buffalo Comicon, Sunday October 5th, 
10am to 5pm at the Marriot on Millersport Highway in Amherst.