Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 1 to new a Juggernaut

Here i sit, April 2nd 2012, watching Monday Night Raw, the night after WrestleMania 28 enjoying my WWE I hope here on the BOOM page and see I had 184 visitors yesterday, probably due to my WWE articles, as I said last night was WrestleMania the biggest night of pro-wrestling of the year. 

Sadly I missed out on writing something yesterday and capitalizing on all that traffic, and capitalize is exactly what I need to do.
Last week my job at The Buffalo News was eliminated, I understand completely why it happened and hold no ill will towards anyone there and now I find myself among the unemployed but I have some good leads, a good head on my shoulders and I'm in a good place that I think this will just be a new opportunity for me to do something fresh. 

Now lets work backwards from me losing my job. 

The week before that my two oldest kids were in a car accident in our Jeep Liberty, thank God they both walked away unhurt but the Jeep did suffer some damage. I spent a couple of days putting the Jeep back in working order, replacing parts I didn't even know existed before that day, but between You Tube, some help at Autozone and a local junkyard and only about $300 I got everything back to working order and you almost can't tell it was in an accident....almost.

Back a couple more days, my wife had to go to a doctors appointment and without revealing to much of a personal nature, what transpired at the doctors wasn't pleasant, it was something we've been through before and had hoped to never go through again. It was a surprise, it may even not be what we were told it might have been, but just to hear it, to go through it again, it was painful and extremely difficult to get through. 

Back a couple more days before that, there was a family event that my wife and three girls were invited to, unfortunately it didn't go very well for them, my two girls who are yes, technically, my step children, were treated as such. In our house we don't use the term stepchildren, there's no division between the kids, everyone is the same, they're all brothers and sisters here. There is no disrespect to any of the parents, we work at having a healthy relationship with everyone. Doing the best we can to make sure kids are getting raised well by everyone involved. My 15yr old came home from the event and said she felt like she was in the High School lunch room, being ignored by the popular kids. My older 'stepdaughter' who's in college expressed herself with a bit more anger on twitter. She removed them the same day she put them up, knowing that even though she was treated with such disrespect and bad behavior, she didn't need to be that bad also. The tweets got around and back to my parents which inspired them to let me know they want to go back to not speaking to me. For how long? Who knows, the last time it lasted about 8 years. Yes, years.

So that was my March, stress point after stress point, parents stop speaking to us, doctors appointments, car accidents, lost my job and my dog then got sick and didn't eat for almost two days. Which of course with everything pouring on me made me think, sure after all this, I'll lose my dog too. Sounds like the makings of a country song. 

Yep that was a joke, I have to joke, I have to make light, because that's what I do. I'm going to keep going and doing what I do, and keep being me. I'm not quitting on anything. Insert the Boondocks Saints 2 speech from Rocco. (couldn't get away without at least one movie reference) 

Sawyer's (my dog) eating again and feeling better, the Jeep is driving fine, I even fixed a coolant leak on our van, I'll find a job, like I said I have some good leads and I'm leaving with a great reputation that will no doubt take me somewhere else. My wife and my kids are doing okay, we had a great night watching WrestleMania last night, a small party for just us, watching our big event and starting off our new month on a high note.

I grew up watching WWE and last night I sat there with my kids and they cheered on their favorites and we did what we do, we're a family so strong that we can be hit again and again and again, and we'll persevere, because we have each other. I'm not saying we're perfect but if you knew us, if you really knew us, you'd be happy to call us friend or family.

Today is April 2nd, and I've got some plans, some involve this page right here, so stay tuned to the BOOM Page. Updates to Mr. 100 Days and the other blogs, plus maybe some new ones are right on the horizon. Please note, I wrote this to get some things off my chest, to explain why there hasn't been a blog in a couple days, but not because I was looking for anything or fishing for a response.