Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men Event

Tonight is the big kick off to the biggest crossover in comics history. Avengers vs. X-Men launches early tonight with a special release of the first issue. Don's Atomic Comics on Transit Rd. in Depew has an event starting at 8pm. Get there and get your copy of this story that is sure to be an amazing one.

I was originally going to be there for the whole event but my son has a concert tonight at 8pm so I'll possibly only be able to catch the tail end of the event. While comics are great and I've been looking forward to this night, family always comes first, and seeing my son sing at his concert is going to be awesome. The book will be there tomorrow. The concert is only tonight. 

I'll see if I can get some art there for you to pick up, if not, no worries, I will be creating a new Deviantart account where all the art I've created will be posted and available for purchase, I'll also be accepting requests and be available for freelance work if needed.

Hope you're all team X-Men, obviously I am. I'll be wearing my limited edition Cyclops t-shirt along with my X-men bomber jacket and of course my X-Men baseball cap. Clearly I'm a bit of an X nut. 

Its not just about the books however, its about what the group represents. Its a group of people with various backgrounds and abilities and traits that have not only come together as a group, but as a family. My family is my X-Men, each member of my family and those we're closest to have been assigned a character, mostly because there's something about those characters that we all see in ourselves. 

Comic books are literature with art work, for anyone to see them as something else, something  childish, well then they haven't picked one up in a while. They are stories with morals and life lessons, sure they might be hidden among some battles with robots, but we all have fights we have to battle. The X-Men don't have a battle cry like Avengers Assemble, the best phrase I've always taken from them... The X-Men, we take care of our own.