Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Avengers #21 review by Scott Summers

New Avengers #21 hit the stands last week on February 15th and in all the books that were out that week this is the one that I feel stands out above the others. Including my own book Uncanny X-men #7 which was horribly depicted by Greg Land once again. 

In New Avengers we see the continuation of the battle between Luke Cage's team of New Avengers and Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. When we last left the team they had retreated and regrouped, a sound decision as their previous fight was not going so well, in other words they were getting their tails handed to them. Well everyone but one of them, Spider-Man continues to display that he really may be the best there is at this game. 
When the clone of Thor, Ragnarok,  that was created originally by Reed Richards shows up and drops a lightening bolt on the team he's the one who is able to dodge the attack and literally swing into everyone rescue. Sure Logan stayed strong and despite being obviously outmatched he threw everything he had at the robot Norse God. 

Lets get one thing straight, I don't hate Logan for going and starting up the school again, I think he's an ass for naming it after my deceased wife, but I don't hate that he's helping the kids in the way that he thinks is best. I would have liked there to be a way that both of us could work this all out together but after the Schism between us that didn't seem possible right off the bat. 

This tale of the New Avengers showed something that I see when I look at my X-Men, they truly work together as a team. They use one another in a battle like a well practiced sports team, there's an offense and a defense and the author that told this tale Brian Michael Bendis did so in a way that the entire story bled from the pages and felt like you were watching a thrilling action movie. 

The art work by Mike Deadato gave it that great gritty feel that was needed for this story, Logan's ugly fight and just being mutilated by the Thor clone, Luke Cage's anger and the power of Iron Fist  hit you so hard when reading this book that you felt like you too were also being fisted by Danny Rand. (see what I did there) I did love that the best joke in the book was Spider-Man telling Iron Fist to "Fist him!" and Rand responding with "I hate when people say that." Even in the midst of this dangerous battle Spider-Man is still setting up the literal 'punch lines'. (see what I did there again)

Besides showing what this team can do as a group the other huge thing that it showed was what a incredible jerk and just all around horrible person that you can just so easily hate Norman Osborn is. God I hate that guy. I think every man and woman in our line of work hates this guy. He's just arrogant and the way he tries to use the press, and half truth's and just get under your skin...ugh, and that hair! What's up with that hair?! This book for me cemented that despite everything my group went through with Erik/Magneto, or Stryfe or even Apocalypse that there is no worse villain that I despise more than Norman Osborn. At least with Apocalypse he's got this mixed up theory of dominance because of species and doesn't want to play with others, but Norman. he's just the biggest douche there is, and that's my professional super hero team leader opinion. 

I'll be waiting for the conclusion of this story to see how Cage's group ends all this, hopefully my team won't have to go in and stop these guys and pull Logan's stubborn metal skull out of the fire. I'll leave that for Spider-Man to keep doing.