Monday, February 20, 2012

A Journey Moment

While we got a lot of great commercials for the Super Bowl this year, one seems to have come out weeks after that was deifinitely Super Bowl worthy.

Ad agencies have been really stepping it up with a subject that you would think would be really difficult to produce entertaining comercials for, insurance.

You have Flow from Progressive, whom actually inspired Halloween costumes this year and comes across very funny yet simple.

J.K. Simmons doing Farmers insurance, showing the Farmer's school where agents go to train. Love the one with the giant lint ball.

Dean Winters, also known as Mayhem for Allstate causing havoc and Dennis Haysbert aka President Palmer from 24 or Cerrano from Major League as I like to refer to him also being a spokesperson for the agency.

The worlds greatest spokesperson is on the Nationwide commercials.

I was a fan of the "Why did you buy my husband a falcon" commercial from All State, but that has been replaced with my new favorite.

The Journey Moment from State Farm, if you haven't seen it...enjoy: