Monday, November 7, 2011

WWE's A-Team?

So on Facebook I notice the WWE puts up a post in regards to the latest WWE film The Reunion, this one starring superstar John Cena and a cast of other people you've seen in other stuff or maybe you haven't. Although one of my personal favorite Ethan Embry is in the film and I am a fan of his since he was on Freaky Links. 

So they have a little icon of the movie poster next to their post but I look at it and think why is the A-Team poster on The Reunion? Tell me you don't see it too...

I know action movies are a bit cliche' but come on, this on is a bit too much, lets break it down from left to right.
Guy on the far left blue shirt gun over shoulder - Liam Neeson blue shirt gun over shoulder.
Next girl in brown jacket and we have Murdoch in brown jacket.
John Cena flexing his muscles in the third spot and B.A Barackus Rampage Jackson in the third spot doing the same.
Last Ethan Embry, in a jacket and gun on the side and finally Face aka Templeton Peck aka Bradlye Cooper in the suit coat and gun at the side.

Both on dirt roads
WWE has the scene from when the Brady Bunch went to the ghost town and The A-Team is in the middle of no where.

It was apparently a bit sunnier for the WWE but otherwise pretty much even the same sky back ground. 

You just  have to love a good action movie marketing campaign. 
Leave it to us geeks to see the issues.