Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Heel turn begins..

Check out my latest article over at Bleacher Report discussing the Era of Pain that's about to begin in the WWE.

Mark Henry is the new World Heavyweight Champion and his path of destruction as the title holder started right here in Buffalo.

On Monday he went to Cleveland roughed up Jim Ross as he demanded an apology and when Jerry 'The King' Lawler came in to assist his friend he found himself on the receiving end of the Worlds Strongest Slam and later than night found him self in the hospital. Reports of lower back problems due to the slam in the ring and then through the announce table sent Lawler to the emergency room.

This Friday on Smackdown watch Mark Henry continue his rampage and keep an eye on Bleacher Report as someone else starts to become a bit more 'heel-ish'

Bleacher Report Mark Henry Article Click Here