Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Piece

I started a new piece a few nights ago, I had seen the image of all of the Lanterns who had helped out during Blackest Night. Barry Allen became a Blue Lantern of Hope, Wonder Woman was a Star Saphire Lantern of Love, Lex Luthor became the Orange Lantern Avarice and Mera became a Red Lantern of Rage.

Me being more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy lately, and with my, lets call it strong fan connection to the X-Men got to thinking, who would get what ring in the X-Men universe? So this started geeky conversations with me and my kids, debating on who would get what ring and I thought, this would make a really cool poster to sell at the next convention I do.

So this is the initial sketch and layout, and from here I add more detail, shadowing and more. The characters while all together are not necessarily standing together, its more a composite piece which explains why Colossus is so big in the background and Wolverine looks to be at the same height as Magneto (Wolverine is dead center).

So the layout and rings go to:

Top Row: Cyclops - Will, Colossus - Hope, Rogue - Compassion
Mid Row: Frost - Love, Wolverine - Rage, Magneto - Fear
Bottom Row: Nightcrawler - Life, Juggernaut - Avarice, Archangel - Death

There was a lot of debate on who Avarice would be, I went with Juggernaut since, to me at least he's always wanted power and what his brother has, but if you think of someone better, throw in your two cents.

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