Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best of Buffalo

Last week Friday on my way into work the morning show on Star 102.5 was doing a thing called The 100 Things That Make Buffalo Great. This started because of some other article where it was discussing 100 reasons why it was great to be an American I think. The morning show host Rob Lucas got help from the public and put together a list of 102 things, I can't say I agreed with all of them and I feel several things were left off, and some that I do agree with I feel need to be expanded on. To see their full list you can click here.

Seeing as how the BOOM Page has a 100 theme going on (Mr. 100 Days, Mrs. 100 Beers) I thought I should compile my own list of 100 Great things about Buffalo and really expand on the list. These will be in no particular order and my first 3 I'm taking right from my adventures this weekend.

1. The movie theaters - We have Regal and Dipson as our two big movie theater companies here in Buffalo. I've been to the Regal at Walden, Transit and Quaker Crossing and must say the seating is great, the look and feel of the theater is fun and the prices are reasonable, and if you have a Regal Rewards card they can be even better. Being more of a South Towns guy I've only been to two Dipson theaters, Flix and Easter Hills. Flix is great for weekday movie viewing as there are usually specials on seats and or concessions. Eastern Hills is the place to go to if you want to see a not so main stream movie. The last movie I saw there was The Wrestler and whyile everyone else in town is playing Harry Potter this week, Easter Hills has Midnight in Paris, so its more of an eclectic taste, and that's whats great about the theaters in Western New York. You have the Hollywood glitz of Regal, the indie movies at Easter Hill and North Park, the discount movies at Movieland (I miss the Appletree theater) the hometown feel of greats like Flix and The Aurora Theater and one of the last remaining Drive ins on Transit Rd in Lockport. Plus with the drive in you can often see two movies for the price of one, sometimes even three movies, how can you beat that. We went and saw Harry Potter on Friday at Galleria, loved the rocking chair style comfy seats there and the fact that there are so many screens, it gives you more options of start times.

2. The Miss Buffalo Night Cruises - Saturday night my wife and I along with a slew of other from my family, cousins, friends, cousins of cousins took over the upper deck of the Miss Buffalo on their "Rocking Cruise". The DJ played great dance music and the bar served up $10 pitchers of Labatt Blue or Coors Lite. The ride takes you on a cruise of the inner harbor out under the Peace Bridge, through a Lock, then back towards the harbor. The sunset over the lake is just amazing to watch, the birds our on the break wall and other lake landmarks are just great, but the ride back into the city, with a full moon over our landscape was gorgeous, I tried to capture it on my phone as you can see from the pic atop the blog, but the majesty of it all just doesn't translate to what it was like to see our beautiful city from such and angle.

3. Darien Lake - Sunday we headed over to Darien Lake for a company picnic, and while in the news we have had a recent death there, and that is very tragic, the part in itself is a fun place to be. The water park is where we spent most of the day, with all the changes and fixing up they did there, its turned it into a really great  place to spend hot summer days. The lazy river, the wave pool, the slides and the kids area are all fantastic, all fun and not so over crowded that its not worth going. We hit some of our favorite rides, The Predator, the swings, the popcorn ride and others. The food in the park isn't the greatest but have you ever seen reasonably priced good food at a theme park? I live in the Lancaster/Depew area so its just a quick drive down the 33 to get to the park without paying any tolls. The concerts aren't priced badly, they get a lot of great big bands, I'm hoping to go see Disturbed there on the 26th, I saw them there once before and it was great, can't wait to see them again.

There's the first three, 97 to go, this is going to be easy, I love this city. BOOM.

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