Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Studying Comics not Reading them

Here's the thing with me and reading comics, I don't read an issue, bag it, board it and put it away for a while, maybe pull it out later and read it again, nope I don't do that.

I get my books on Wednesday, and try and have them last me at least until Friday or Saturday for reading, but that doesn't happen often. So what I end up doing is I read them over and over again. I study them, the panel layout, the choice the artist made on the angles. Did he use a heavy inker, or a soft one, is it more color based or would it hold up in black and white, there are a lot, I love to study and just know ever panel of every book I read.

This weekend, that actually paid off, sort of. I was sitting and watching on of my all time favorite movies, The Professional starring Gary Oldman, Jean Reno and a very young Natalie Portman. When suddenly a scene I've seen lots of times comes on where a little old lady comes out of her apartment and says, why don't you leave those nice people alone. Here's the scene:

Now did you see what I saw? Because I picked it up right away, here's a hint. Deadpool issue 33.1

In this issue there is a fight with the Wrecker over a building, one of the tenants an old woman who makes Flaki is actually friends with the wrecker and he has soup with her all the time, and he keeps the evil landlords from closing the building. This then gets Deadpool to switch sides and even kill off the evil land lords, his payment 2 gallons of Flaki.

So, artists: Bong Dazo Jose Pimental I found your reference material....didn't I?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did.
Right down to the head cocked to the side and the house coat and curler, nice man, love it.