Monday, November 22, 2010

Boom Page and Mr. 100 Days Update

To my BOOM legion, I apologize for no recent updates this past week.
Last week Wednesday I had my 4 Wisdom Teeth pulled, I did not get gas, only novacaine (huge mistake me thinks) and I've been in a tad bit of discomfort since then.

I tried to write or even draw but sadly with the pain I'm having some difficulties focusing my creative juices.

So free time is spent resting, playing X-Box or watching TV.

Some of the 'X-Men' did get together this past weekend and considered making an X-Men reality show.
Real World 'Utopia', that might be funny and end up being filmed with some quick digital shorts.

My youngest son Austin age 10 has started writing our first collaborative story, so he's helping Dad out a bit. Its the story of a young boy who gets transfered the powers of a Monk who did nothing but study the Karate Chop for 300 years. The most devastating Karate Chop on the planet, with many different types of delivery. Watch for that soon to be a tab here on The BOOM page.

Other than that, I'm hoping the next Mr. 100 Days will be up tomorrow, this trip to the dentist has given me some new insights on some torture that I can't wait to write.

In the meantime, enjoy this for your viewing pleasure, if you haven't seen this thing of greatness, watch and fall in love.