Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 10 Super Cool Dogs

Okay I have to say, my dog Sawyer is pretty cool; he's part wolfhound and part black lab, and he's been accused of also being part hell hound or demon dog. He's the only dog I've had that you can see his breath when he gets excited and pants and its fifty degrees outside! If you go to my You Tube page that you can get to from the side bar, you'll see some pretty cool Sawyer videos. Also, he's named after the character from Lost, not Tom Sawyer.

But I'm not the only one with a cool dog, so I made this list of the top ten coolest dogs I would have. Now in order for a dog to make the list it had to meet a certain criteria, obvious big factor is coolness, along with bad ass-ness because this isn't about having some foo foo dog that you carry in a purse. The dog also should be able to do something special. On top of all those things your owner had to be a little cool as well.(thus keeping with the theme that my dog Sawyer is cool, and so am I. boom) Here we go:

10. Ma- Mutt
Cool owner – Mum-Ra bad ass mummy from Thundercats

Okay, while I can't remember him doing anything overly cool, I believe he was responsible for taking out that annoying Snarf, the worst character on Thundercats, and I believe there were several occasions where he got the best of him. But on top of that he was owned by a evil mummy guy who could transform into a giant Luchador wrestler! You don't mess with Mum-Ra and you don't mess with Ma-Mutt!

The next one is a tie:
9. Sam from I Am Legend and Nanook from Lost Boys
Cool Owners - Will ‘The Man’ Smith and the late Corey Haim

Sam took on zombie/vampire/infected weirdos in I am Legend and wasn't afraid of anything! Not to mention Will could walk him without a leash, so he was pretty loyal, and yes he gets points for being owned by 
Will Smith. Nanook was the dog that took on Vampires in the 80s classic The Lost Boys, also incredibly loyal to the point of waiting outside the tub while Corey Haim took a bath with really bad music playing. That's a good dog. 
I don't think any of us will forget: "What did you do to my dog Michael! What did you do to Nanook!"

8. Baxter from Anchorman
Cool owner - The always classy Ron Burgundy 

I'm sure your all wondering how did Baxter rank higher than two dogs that took on Zombies and Vampires?! Well he was punted off a bridge and survived. He leaped into a bear pit to save his owner, and then spoke to bears and told them of his travels with other bears! Not to mention he sleeps in pajamas and ate an entire wheel of cheese! Thats pretty damn impressive.

7. Ace from Batman Beyond
Owner - Bruce Wayne also partners with Terry McGuiness Batman

Owned by Bruce Wayne in the future, Ace, Batman's loyal dog has been trained by the master Batman to be the dog of a superhero. In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker we got to see Ace in action and attack one of the Joker's henchmen, and Terry(Batman Beyond) utters one of the best lines. "Good bad-dog."

6. Grommit
Cool owner – Wallace
Grommit is pretty much a genius, and may even be smarter than his human owner Wallace. He can drive a car, he helps with inventions and he gets his owner out of situations he usually gets stuck in, a genius in all ways but lacking one thing, the ability to talk. I'm not even sure I've heard him bark but he definitely can't speak, we get to watch his mime routine, which normally would be horrific, but he pulls it off okay. His brains, bravery and ability to drive a car got him on the list.

5. Scooby-Doo
Cool owner – Shaggy
Like there was any doubt Scooby-Doo wouldn't make the list. He's smart, well smarter than a normal dog, he's extremely loyal to the entire gang, yes he's a coward but when its time to step up, he gets his scooby snack and his bravery and usually ends up saving the day. While he may not be inventing things like Grommit he does however talk! The dog can talk, sure he has a bit of a doggy accent but I don't think we can really hold that against him. He also has the ability to change into elaborate costumes a split second after entering a room. One second he's normal Scooby, the next he's a barber waiting for the ghost to come in and get his hair cut. The dog has some skills.

4. Brian Griffin
Cool owner – Peter Griffin
He speaks, he drives, no dog accent, he's written a novel, a play, traveled through time, traveled through the multi-verse, had numerous jobs non dog related, he's won an award for an adult film but he's still afraid of the vacuum and pennies in a can. A couple of weeks ago the episode aired where Stewie and Brian were trapped in a bank vault, I didn't care for it, but the most recent episode of family guy where Quagmire's father becomes a woman made up for it with excellent Brian goodness. The interaction with Peter and Lois, when he was leaving for his trip combined with his great friendship with Stewie was fantastic!

3. Poppy
Cool owner – Galford American Ninja, from Samurai Showdown

Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this cool video game dog. He didn't laugh at you when you missed shooting a duck, he got into the Samurai Showdown and kicked some ass. 
You could eventually get to a point in the game where you had enough special power that you could use it with Poppy, he would attack making a huge explosion and just decimating your opponent. 

2. Dynomutt
Cool Owner – The Blue Falcon
Sure, Dynomutt was dumb, really dumb, but if you could just get him to change that a tiny bit, he's be an incredibly bad ass dog to have. How often is it that the side kick/dog is more loved than the hero. The show was never about Blue Falcon, it was about Dynomutt, because if he just worked right he'd be incredible and if it was done as a serious show rather than a comedy Dynomutt would be awesome! That's why he comes in at number 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxxL2YvNkzE

And the number 1 coolest dog:

1. Krypto
Cool owner – Superman aka Kal El
Krypto the Superdog. All the powers of a Kryptonian like Superman in the body of a dog. Incredibly loyal, a crime fighter, he can fly, super strength, heat vision and he wears a cape! Now there have been versions where he's a bit wimpy or just silly, but if you pick up the issue above you will see a very cool Krypto. The dog took out Mongul! He jumped in to protect Superman and Lois and took out one of the most powerful villains in the universe! 
After this great scene in comics a lot of other amazing artists wanted to step up and make Krypto cool.
Alex Ross, Jim Lee and others all did Superman's dog awesome justice.


And there you have my Top 10 Super Cool Dogs to have, if I left anyone off, let me know who you think should have made the list. Keep in mind I would never add Snoopy, what's he ever done and his owner is a loser, and Odie from Garfield may be cute, but he's an idiot and gets bossed around by a cat, so just saying.