Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New V, on ABC, not so sure i like it

I'm not sure I like the new V. I want to, I loved the original, but it was the era that it was on, today it just doesn't seem right. Its like District 9 but not as good, I think mainly its the actors.

Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Juliet from Lost, just always seems whiny, every show she's on, no matter what the situation she has that look on her face that she's pissed with something you did and/or she might cry. I dont care for her, she's not believable as a FBI agent.

Morris Chestnut, the V lizard person who's part of the resistance, he was good in four brothers, but this one, nah, just not cutting it, he doesnt seem alien enough. Again, just not keeping my attention.

Now the only good portion of this show is Morena Baccarin, Anna leader of the vistiors. She was great on Firefly, and this is such a different role for her, the leader, serene and calm not the high class prostitute she was on Firefly. I met her a couple of years ago in Toronto, she was super nice, however she looked like she weighed 50lbs. A sandwhich wouldn't hurt here, and maybe get rid of that boy hair cut.

They do have Alan Tudyk, also from Firefly, aka Wash, but on V his part was short lived and he didn't get to be comedic, why have a great comedic actor and not let him be funny? Thats like putting Jet Li in a movie and not letting him figt.

Finally, lets talk about Scott Wolf, isn't it odd that Scott Wolf looks like Michael J. Fox? Wolf... Fox.... I'm thinking there's some weird New Moon clan out there producing small wolf like creatures that are on TV and look the same.

Now the original V, that was a cast, Marc Singer in the lead role, the guy was Beast Master for crying out loud! He had pet ferrets he would talk to, ferrets! Him with Michael Ironside, the second most bad-ass man of the 80s second only to Powers Booth. Although Ironside has a leg up on Powers, he's the voice of Darkseid on the Justice League animated series, thats some serious bad ass-ness. Not to mention if you've ever seen the famous poster for Scanners the movie, then you've seen Michael Ironside, he's the guy on it with all his veins going crazy on his head. To round off the 80s goodness, Mr. Freddy Kruger Robert Englund was the nice visitor. Before he was the evil dream demon, he was an alien nice guy, go figure.