Monday, November 26, 2012

The Real Consequences of AvX is All New X-Men

All New X-Men #1 has hit the stands and it is the real answer to how the consequences of AvX have affected the Marvel Universe. Cyclops, Magneto and Magik are running around the globe trying to make contact with new mutants and help them with their transformation, because apparently the normal humans have gone back to a bunch of crazed racist that hate and fear mutants.

The story is done beautifully told by Brian Michael Bendis, telling us the tale that Beast is once again going through another mutation, and he needs to do something fast to make sure he can help save mutantkind.

The threat this time is one of his oldest and best friends, Cyclops, he needs to find a way to stop him from being looked at as a threat by the world without engaging him in another fight. Iceman makes the comment that if the old Cyclops was here right now he'd tell this Cyclops how wrong he is in what he's doing. 

Bendis' captures the conflict with the current X-Men and their plight on how to stop their friend as well as the intent of Cyclops not being that of a righteous terrorist villain, but still being that guy who's saving mutants from the horrors of humanity. 

But the real super hero of this book is Stuart Immonen, the art work in this book is on of the most beautiful renderings of a comic I have seen. In fact these past two weeks have put out some of the best comic art I've seen in a long time, see my other blog this week where I talk about the best art that we got to see from Marvel lately. 

Standout pages: Opening splash pages on pages 1 and 2, seeing Beast on the ground in pain is just done exceptionally, him reaching out is done in great perspective and gives it an almost 3D look. 

Page 7 - enter Magneto, Cyclops and Emma Frost, again, wow, so good. 
(I would have liked to find out how Emma has joined the group, but I'm sure we'll get to that)

Page 10 - the splash page of Cyclops Frost and Magneto, if this is a poster or T-shirt anywhere, I'm buying it.

The ending of this book, Beast traveling back in time to gather himself and his younger self team mates is going to lead to some great story telling. Well done Marvel, you've put out a book that makes me scream 'WHEN IS THE NEXT ISSUE COMING OUT!!"

If you have a chance, you must pick up this book, just beautiful on all fronts.