Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men Analysis part 6 The End

The final chapter in the AvX Consequences, issue #5, came out this past week and sadly it fell off the good track that it had been put on just last issue. Same writer different artist and in this medium that can make all the difference in the world. 
This issue seems to be pivotal of what is to come but sadly its presented in a way that is anti-climatic and displayed with art that is lacking and not dynamic enough to be considered done the Marvel way.

Another new artist to the book in Gabriel Hernandez Walta, the man has trouble drawing eyes and heads. When you draw your eyes, just like in reality should be the width of one of your eyes apart. Walta tends to draw them pretty far apart and the shape of the heads of the characters is a bit out of whack, especially Magneto. Hope looks like shes about 14 years old, which would make more sense than the 18-20 year old Hope we've seen in other books. The colorist for some reason also felt the need to give her nose a tinge of red, does she have a cold?

Cyclops isn't as skinny and distorted as he was in the first books, but he's back to being drawn thin and lanky. A real shame since issue #4 seemed to portray him finally back to what he should look like. 

His attitude has changed as well, sending some prisoners to Hell seems a bit rash for Cyclops but the stance that "This is what happens when anyone tries to profit from mutant prejudice" is a good one. He leaves the warden alive but with a giant X carved across his entire face, I think a smaller one on his forehead would have been a bit better and a bit of a nod to the movie Inglorious Bastards.

As for the 'Consequences' of this whole book here's what I've been able to put together:

1. The Avengers make lousy guardians. Hope seems to go wherever she wants and sleeps in alleyways, and when the Avengers find her, they leave to go on a mission and tell her to just go home. Great role models Avengers.

2. Wolverine and Cyclops have switched roles. Logan is the "better man" running a school, keeping the dream alive, and protecting the children. Scott is now out there being the guy who does what needs to be done, and he's going to be "the best there is at what he does, and what he does won't be pretty."

3. Magik is seriously crazy and so are they for keeping her around.

4. Danger is left to go on her own, not great work by Cyclops but, I can see where he wants her to make her own choices.

5. Cable is also a terrible parent. He died, devastated his daughter Hope and his father Cyclops, but he's actually alive some how but not getting his daughter that he fought to save nor is he going to his father Cyclops to help him.

The final page of the book is Cyclops, Magneto and Magik teleporting out, Scott saying they are hated, feared and saving the world, what else is new. We know that Emma Frost will be joining them as well based on the upcoming All new X-Men #1.

With this group of a demon queen, Magneto long time villain and terrorist, Emma Frost former White Queen of the Hellfire club you have to ask was the whole point of this series including AvX, to make Cyclops more of a darker character and increase his popularity in this age of anti-hero glorification? It could be, and if that's the case it will be interesting to see where Marvel Now is going.

If however A+X is a sign of what Marvel Now! will be, then I have to say I'm not looking forward to it at all. A flashback story of Captain America and Bucky meeting Cable for the first time was drawn nicely but the story seemed silly and clearly laid out to allow Cap to have better memories of Cable.

The second part of the story shows Hulk and Wolverine in Avengers tower, not Red Hulk, Green Hulk. Yes, Bruce Banner, long time antagonist of Wolverine now apparently hang out at the same club house and they argue over who gets the last piece of cake. This story was just horrible and covered in fanboy goo. Young Hulk vs. Maestro and our Wolverine vs. an Older Days of Future Past Wolverine. To that I have to say...what the Hell? I'm sorry but in Maestro Hulk's world Wolverine is dead, and in Days of Future Past the Hulk is dead, so how do they exist together? 

The two older versions are at the tower to kill Red Hulk, but apparently that mission was given to them by Red Hulk, who is also the President of the United States?! The A+X must be a math problem that means A+X=Massive In continuity! 

Come on Marvel, don't go down that road of thinking you have to play to the fanboys with this Marvel Now! stuff to get all the mindless geeks who thought the first Wolverine movie was good to buy your books. 

The End.........?