Monday, November 5, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men Analysis part 5 The Turn Begins

It has been over a week since my last AvX Analysis, to be honest the book defeated me, issue #3 another lackluster output from Marvel on a book that should be filled with answers and a true focus on tying up loose ends just did not deliver in issue #3. Cyclops was still being drawn weighing in aproximately 50-75lbs less than normal. His shape misqued to allow for more of a villianous look was still present and his whiny attitude was at an all time high. Then this past week issue #4 comes out, and the turn begins.

Issue #4 hit stands last week and it delivered, the art was different, Dale Eaglesham took the charge and breathed new life into the dying book. His visuals on Iron Man's armor are beautiful and he finally has Cyclops looking more like Cyclops. His panel layout and breaking borders on a few pages bring the book some much needed electricity to get the energy and feel into a book that has been lacking.

The story also takes a huge leap forward, we see that Agent Brand of S.W.O.R.D. while working with the Avengers to catch the X-Men's extinction team is also helping them, giving Magneto a heads up as to when attacks will be en route.

We see that Tony Stark wants to study Scott to see how he survived the entire Phoenix experience, including a Dark Phoenix incarnation. Cyclops is reluctant to help Iron Man at first, but after Tony confesses that he knew the Phoenix would create more mutants, Scott agrees to help him.

Hope finds her way back into the book, scavenging Utopia for information on Cable and looking for her jet pack. Along the way she finds Namor and has a discussion with him, renewing their ties that started back in the Tabula Rasa storyline. Its also interesting that Namor is back to wearing his old Atlantean uniform and no longer sporting an X logo.

Storm finds a much angrier Colossus, living alone in the mountains now free of his Juggernaut curse wishing the death of his beloved sister. This to me is the biggest change to come out of AvX, Colossus was constantly protecting his sister, loving her and wanting to protect her, now he wants her head.

We flash over to Scott in prison, talking with the other inmate,Jake,  whos mutant powers have manifested. Cyclops is convincing him to go to Wolverine's school once he's released from prison, but another attack by the gigantic inmates in this prison proves fatal for Jake.

The pages that follow this incident are the best of the series yet, and make the most sense. Cyclops gets a visit from Wolverine again. This time he's not drawn as a massive hulking Wolverine in a tank top, he looks as he should. He has come to talk Scott 'down', with Jake being killed he and the Avengers are afraid Cyclops will seek revenge and take out the other inmates.

Wolverine is there to tell him not to do it, he tells him he believes him that he didn't mean to kill the professor and he knows he's not a killer and he shouldn't start now. He comes right out and tells Scott that Cyclops was his role model, he showed Logan how to be a better man.

He tells him that even to this day when he's at the school and instead of popping his claws he thinks, what would Scott Summers do? He tells him not give up on himself, that he has to be the better man. Cyclops thanks him and Logan leaves.

What would appear to be later that night, we see Cyclops once again use the powder he has concealed in his shoe to write on the floor, this time he spells out, Now. Which apparently is a cue to Magneto, Danger and Magick to come free him from prison. A powerful move and last page where we see Magnus put on his helmet and say "Well, Ladies... villians it is."

The final issue of this book should be interesting and I believe it will set up what is to come for the next year with the X-Men. As to how this series has shown any consequences to the Avengers, it seems as if there are none. This was just another stop the disaster situation and life goes on as usual. I'm hoping with issue number five, and a Cyclops on the loose, that is all going to change.