Monday, October 8, 2012

Marvel Updates Mondays for week of October 8th 2012

Welcome to a great new week of Marvel Monday!
Its a big Marvel week that I could not overpass and have some great new items to report!

Marvel Comics News

Avengers vs. X-Men comes to an end!

All 12  rounds have played out and in the end it was an interesting twist that we were hit with. Continuting reading will indeed involve spoilers!

The battle has ended, Cyclops in his Dark Phoenix rage has killed Professor Xavier, and damaged the entire world, all the good work they accomplished in the first 10 rounds wiped out once the Phoenix went dark. In an epic battle Cyclops took on both Avengers and X-Men blind with Phoenix power and similar to his lost love Jean, he had a moment in which he saw what he was doing and begged for someone to end his life. Unfortunately not having Jeans mental powers he was only able to break free of the Phoenix control for mere seconds.

With a tag team of The Scarlett Witch and Hope leading the charge the two of them were able to take down Cyclops and free him of the power. But the Phoenix must have a host and it went to its original target, Hope. With the power of Phoenix in side her she soars around the world to fix some of the damage that Cyclops unleashed.

For more on this and a complete review check back with the BOOM page later tonight or tomorrow. I have some strong opinions on how this whole story ended.

Speaking of ending stories, The Punisher seems to be about to go to war with the Marvel Universe. This October in Punisher War Zone a story entitled Lock and Load has been being teased showing several of Marvels big names, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Captain America about to be in some trouble with Mr. Frank Castle.

Marvel Now is right around the corner, check out the TV portion of this to see what is going on with that.

Marvel TV News

Last night on the show Once Upon A Time, the character of The Mad Hatter, aka Jefferson has returned, us Marvel fans know him better as Bucky Barnes from the Captain American movie.

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live at midnight tune in to see Marvel's own Joe Quesada to discuss Marvel Now! Set your DVR's or burn the midnight oil and lets see what Joe Q has to say tonight.

Not a Marvel story, but in somewhat other comic book/pop culture coolness Dr. Horrible's sing along blog starring Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and Felicity Day, tomorrow on the CW network at 9pm, check your local listings. Here in Buffalo its chanell 11 for Time Warner, or 711 for HD. Its a must see as the villain Dr. Horrible does battle against Captain Hammer, as they sing this fantastic story. Yes, I said sing. Check it out.

As for the rumors that the blog Mr. 100 Days is being picked up as a television series, they are completely false and made up by me. However the story is written as if it were a television show and makes an attempt at great characterization, thrilling story, with twists and turns to keep you all interested. Check that out in the top toolbar or here

Marvel Gaming News

A demo for the new Avengers game for X-box Kinnect is online and I plan on downloading the demo tonight and giving a full update on the game this week.

Over on Facebook games in Marvel Alliance, Phoenix costumes are now available for the Phoenix Five group. I haven't played the Marvel Alliance game in some time, the facebook games to me can be a bit much and it feels like you either have to play them all the time or never. I've opted to stop for now.

Marvel Movie news

The Amazing Spider-Man will be available for DVD release one month from tomorrow, November 9th. I didn't get a chance to see it in theaters but I'm looking forward to checking it out.

If you've picked up the Marvel Avengers on DVD you have to watch the final scenes of the film with commentary on by Joss Whedon and see what he has to say in regards to how it all played out, I think you'll appreciate his honesty.

That's all for today, short and sweet, hope you all got a chance to come to the Buffalo Comic Con yesterday as it was fantastic, the best one yet.

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