Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men Analysis Part 3

Here we are in the third part of the analysis that is the end results of the Avengers vs. The X-Men, so if you have not read the full story of AvX or any of its subsequent issues, be fore warned, this blog will contain spoilers.

Last week's comics that came out from Marvel brought us two more parts taking place after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men. 

AvsX Consequences #2 came out as did Uncanny X-Men #20 both hit the stands, both tales of Cyclops in prison, but one book is really only about the true Cyclops.

In AvsX Consequences #2 we see that Logan has come in and has decided that he needs to talk to Cyclops. He sits and drinks a six pack in front of Scott, which apparently the opening of the can frightens the one time leader of the X-Men. 

Cyclops goes on to tell Logan he didn't want the Professor to die, and he was just doing what he had to do; he even says to Wolverine "You of all people should understand that. That's what you taught me." 

Wolverine however finds this insulting and says "Don't you dare, you're nothing like me." Oh no Logan? Nothing like you? Lets see you lead a group of X-Force with the objective to go kill a kid, you are a former four horseman of the Apocalypse and when under the control of Dr. Rot you killed civilians. 

Cyclops then goads Wolverine into attacking him by telling him that he understands how Jean felt now, and that he'll understand her more than he ever will. Wolverine who apparently is now 300lbs of muscle and nearly the same height as Cyclops bust through the table and attempts to kill him. Which is what Cyclops wants. 

He wants to become a martyr for his cause and even tells Wolverine that he knows he's the best at it and he'll be quick. He also tells him one day a kid will show up at his school with a t-shirt that says "Cyclops was Right" 

When Wolverine says to Scott to help out him and the Avengers, he wants to have Cyclops tell the rest of the X-Tinction team to come in. Magneto, Danger, Namor, Magick and Colossus are still at large. When Scott asks where is Emma and Hope Wolverine decides to tell Cyclops "#$@! you Scott." Way to negotiate Wolverine. 

There is more to this issue, Cyclops meets a prisoner who has developed mutant powers, but really the most important part are these first few pages. The story in itself is a bit weak and again they're making our hero look like a villain. 

This issues art work is so over drawn and over detailed with Logan having way to much muscle mass and once again Cyclops being drawn thin, gaunt, with the large head and acting cowardice. It's annoying to watch Marvel destroy a character that for the last 20 issues of X-Men has become a strong character that kept on that path would become more of a true icon. 

Over in Uncanny X-Men #20 we see our Cyclops, the real Cyclops, the one who has been leading the X-Men. He's drawn as being over 6ft tall and probably around 250lbs, he has muscles, a real neck and he's not wearing that gigantic helmet. We also find out that Mr. Sinister has replaced the X-Men's PR rep Kate. He's still alive, he's still out there and he's challenging Cyclops to come and get him. 

I enjoy Mr. Sinister as a villain, and I've heard complaints that the diamond on his forehead at one point was just a flat diamond shape as opposed to now and how its an actual jewel. Does anyone else think that the jewel is actually made of ruby quartz, that his connection to Cyclops is only going to be deeper than we've always thought. 

The final panel shows Cyclops clenching his fist and saying "This isn't over". Which is funny since this is the final issue of Uncanny X-Men, next month we get All New X-Men #1, I'm truly looking forward to this. The artwork looks beautiful and I really feel this will be the book that brings the X-Men back to its glory.

Stay tuned for part four of this series as we discuss other heroes that have been possessed or have caused problems or we even villains and yet no one seems to care.