Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Marvel News and Reviews for the week of 9/24/12

Obviously the big thing for the Marvel this week is the release of Avengers on Blu-Ray and DVD! The movie was released on Tuesday, a mere 143 days after its release! Remember when you had to wait years for a movie to come to VHS or in the beginning when DVD started it at least took a year. To go to DVD 143 after its premiere is incredible, not to mention it was back in theaters on Labor Day, which was just 3 weeks ago.

I grabbed my copy at Target, they were sold out of the Gold box 3D version, but that's fine, I don't own a 3D TV. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but apparently the Target version came with an additional 90 minutes of Avengers goodness and how can you pass that up.

Plus now for those who didn't stay to see the two extras scenes at the end of the movie, you'll finally get to see the cool part, and the funny part. Not to mention the DVD comes with a gag reel full of bloopers. Can't wait.

In Print Comic News

You can find on here my review of AvX Round 11, the best of the series to date, this major crossover that is involving the two biggest teams in the Marvel universe has been fantastic and its all building up to the giant finale and then the consequences issue to follow that will start the Marvel Now era.

However with everything going on in the X Universe and these major changes, its sad to see that not all of the X-Men titles were weekly participating with the AvX battle. The book titled "X-Men" with the team of Storm, Colossus, Psylocke, Domino and Pixie never played a part in AvX. X-Men Legacy took Rogue off on a side story only to dump her back in continuity, I guess I have to asky, why? Why couldn't Rogue's story just continue with more AvX stuff.

The only exception to this is the new book X-Treme X-Men, named after one of my favorite X-Men series it is a fun new concept for the X-Men and the Marvel Universe. We have our worlds Dazzler teamed up with a group of alternate reality X-Men including; Wolverine who was the Prime Minister of Canada, a noir style Emma Frost, a Professor Xavier head that floats in a glass ball, and Nightcrawler from the Wolverine and the X-men animated show.

The book has been pretty cool, it reminds me of the old TV show Sliders. The story is that this group of X-Men have to travel to the other alternate realities to stop the other Professor Xaviers, because apparently all the others are evil.

Issue 4 of the book came out today, can't wait to be picking it up and checking it out.

In Marvel Game News

The Avengers Initiative that I had mentioned last week that was for sale on iTunes for $6.99 is now on sale for $2.99. This actually bites my butt a little bit, I was one of the first to download and pay full price and then a couple weeks later you more than cut the price in half? Thanks a lot Marvel.

Fun side note on the game I had thought I finished it. I was fighting The Abomination and at then end of the fight the game went to credits, but in true Marvel fashion, that doesn't mean anything is over.

The game restarted with a whole new plot twist, now rather than Hulk working for S.H.I.E.L.D it is out to get him, but as the Hulk says in the game, "something smells funny". So far I've come across two opponents a jacked up Super Skrull and an Iron Man Hulkbuster suit. Its great that the game is continuing and now that its only $2.99 its an absolute steal.

In Marvel TV News:

No real new news in the Marvel TV News department, apparently there is a short film on the Avengers DVD Blu-Ray called Item 47, in which a couple confiscate one of the alien guns left over from the big battle in New York and rob banks with it. Some have wondered if this will tie into the S.H.E.L.D. TV series that director Joss Whedon will be doing, but no confirmation has come out at this time.

In Marvel Gear news:

With Halloween creeping around the corner the big news in Marvel gear is the easy costume clothes. Shirts, hoodies and such that can easily be adapted into a costume. Good example, this Spider-Man hoody for kids that can easily double as a costume since the hood makes up the mask.

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