Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marvel Monday for the week of September 9/3/2012

Sorry for the delay between Labor Day, my birthday, a new job and going back to school I have to figure out how to find time to keep the BOOM page BOOMing. So here is this weeks Marvel News, Reviews and Updates. 

Marvel Comics News:
The cover to the new Avengers book has been released this week and the team is looking cool and HUGE. Its even been said that not all of the members are shown here because they don't want to spoil the book and more surprises coming. So lets look at this very cool line up.

First you have the movie stars: Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, and Hawkeye. Then you have some of the second tier Avengers who may be making their way into upcoming Marvel movies, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel and Falcon. You bring on two big names like Spider-Man and that may be The Human Torch Johnny Storm pulling double duty like his friend Ben Grimm does. It may also be a mutant we've heard good rumors of the X Universe exploding and siding up with The Avengers in here we can see Wolverine and Cannonball, and maybe that's Sunspot Cannonballs best friend coming up the ranks with Logan. There is one mystery in the back, not sure who he is, maybe Multiple Man? or I read on another site Nomad. Whichever it is, stay tuned to BOOM Page, I plan on picking up these books the art looks great and I'm currently reading the Avengers and the stories have been great. 

Mavel Movies:

Speaking of The Avengers, Marvel put the movie back in theaters this past weekend because honestly is there anything more American than The Avengers, what a perfect weekend to bring back America'sWant  working team for Labor Day.

New pictures from The Wolverine movie are up over on click this link here to check those out.

And pictures for the upcoming Thor movie have also been released and are over at check those out here:

Marvel TV:

Not much news going on there, Joss Whedon has been approved for his S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, no new news on when that would be coming and we can all only hope that it has some of the cast of Firefly as part of the show. 

Marvel Gear:

With my new job I can wear polo shirts, so yes, I will be getting one of these to wear (as soon as it goes on sale) $40 is a little pricey for a shirt, sorry, I'm cheap.

Want something more affordable? Check out Hot Topic, they have some cool Marvel gear and its on sale:

Marvel Games:

I am currently in the midst of downloading the newest Marvel Game Ap for my iPad, cost is $6.99 It is however taking 30minutes to download which scares me. It was released at midnight, and I'm hoping its going to be worth the memory I think its going to eat up. 

You can see more of it here:

Whats out today?
Check out for the image of this weeks releases. 

Well I'm hoping this game can download tonight so I can play a bit and let you all know if its worth the 1gb of space it eats up on your iPad. See you next time. BOOM.