Friday, July 27, 2012

Know Your Hipster Part 2

 Here we are for part two of the Know Your Hipster, we're just going to go over a couple more letters in the alphabet and give you a brief glimpse of the field guide to knowing you hipster. For part one see The BOOM page and see letters A - C. Some might think I'm just picking apart hipsters in general and while there are Apex Hipsters who do, drink, eat and breath everything hipster, there are those out there that can be broken down in smaller groups. Lets continue:


The Food Hipster, the food hipster doesn't like fast food, how could they possibly eat at some place that serves billions daily, that would be far to main stream. Watch for them in city markets getting their to go containers from the dining areas. Here in Buffalo find them at Globe Market, The Lexington Co-op are two places you can see the dining habits of a food hipster. Getting some vichyssoise to take home and enjoy later. A nice humus wrap sounds good right about now, but they'll be sure to tell you when they do go out to eat, its a little place, barely anyone is there, you probably haven't heard of it, but they have the best Ahi Tuna cupcakes you'll ever had.
Geoffrey Zakarian's Town/Country: 150 Recipes for Life Around the Table


The Gamer Hipster, ask him what his gamer tag is and watch him laugh, he doesn't play online, he prefers original X Box to the 360. He's most likely not playing his X Box however because he's almost done finishing Zelda for the 20th time on his Nintendo 64. After he puts that away he'll probably break out some Earthworm Jim on his Sega Genesis or original Sonic. Don't expect to find any Atari games, that would be going to nostalgic and not be very hipster since everyone loves playing Pac Man or Asteroids. If he is busting out any of the older games its most likely Joust, because space men on ostriches can never be main stream.
Sega Genesis 1 (Original Model) Console System


The Movie hipster doesn't have to rush out to go see the movies that got nominated at the Oscars because they already saw them when they hit the theater that no one goes to. Their favorite theater here locally would be at The Eastern Hills Mall, the love that a silent film won best picture and think that a movie like The Expandables is an abomination to film. If they could live anywhere in the world it would be Tribecca, and they of course are working on their own short film, its black and white, no one speaks and its filled with so much deep context that you probably won't get it.


This might come as a shock that there would be this type of hispter, but as I explain I'm sure you'll understand. The Sports hipster, not a fan of football, baseball or hockey but they never miss a televised soccer game. Now that its Summer Olympic time they couldn't be happier, once fencing, water polo, and canoeing come on they'll be checking constantly on updates to see who's won the goal. They have been known to play a few sports but usually its something like Quidditch but different and the rules are really hard, you probably wouldn't get it. They might watch hockey, baseball or football, but most likely its a lower division college level and never the pros. 


The TV hipster is difficult to spot, most television is main stream and they really have to go out of their way to try and maintain their hipster presence while watching TV. Favorite shows will be Nova, The Littlest Hobo, Portlandia, and Dr. Who. Now you might think Dr. Who is mainstream, but its not it just has a big cult following and hipsters are okay with that. They love shows on CBC, BBC, and of course the IFC, Independent  Film channel. They  will indulge themselves with a little Game Show Network. Watching old episodes of Family Feud, The $25,000 Pyramid are okay because they're not watched by everyone anymore. So when you say, oh I used to love that show, they can respond with I've never seen it before, it looks good so far.

And finally this next one is closer to home for me, being also a sports writer that covers a lot of WWE events and programming I run into these guys a lot. 


A WWE Hipster, they're proud members of the IWC, internet wrestling community, and while you might think they're just a bunch of wrestling nerds these guys are adamant that shows like ROH, FCW, and of the other farm leagues and independent circuits. No one in wrestling is better than Daniel Bryan to them, however they refuse to call him that, to them he'll always be Bryan Danielson. Guys like Cena, Triple H, Undertaker and any other fan favorite of the WWE universe are highly over rated and have not talent whatsoever. CM Punk is in danger of not getting the love of the WWE Hipster community as he seems to be holding on to that championship of his for a long time now and hasn't turned heel in some time. 

I hope you enjoyed our brief tour of the hipster world, watch for more to come with full illustrations to accompany a full field guide, look for it in your local Urban Outfitters some time next year.