Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Han Solo and Professor X!

Two of the greatest Sci-Fi movie people share the unlucky Friday the 13th as their birthday today! So while the rest of the world might think today is an unlucky day the Geeks of the world happen to appreciate this day as it gave us two of our most beloved actors of geekdom.

Harrison Ford turns 70 today! The man is definitely in the top 5 ranking of actors who have played iconic characters. He's been Han Solo! Indiana Jones! Dr. Richard Kimble! Jack Ryan! and Rick Deckard of Blade Runner. He has over 60 credits to his IMDB report and it really won't matter what he does in the future because he will always be the coolest space pirate, scruffy nerf herder there is. Or is it that he's the adventurer, its a tough call to say if the man is by nature Indiana or is he Han, its a delicate subject, who's to say who is right. 
Any way, Happy Birthday Han, I'm glad you shot first!

Also born this day equally impressive in his credentials...

Patrick Stewart turns 72 today! Another one in the top 5 of iconic characters, he's been the Captain of the USS Enterprise Captain Jean Luc Piccard, but he's also my personal favorite Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men. Now of course he's been Ebeneezer Scrooge, King Richard of Robin Hood, Captain Ahab and numerous voices on both Family Guy and American Dad. With over 122 credits on his IMDB no matter what this man does to the true sci-fi people he'll always be Captain Piccard and to us comic geeks he'll always be Professor X. Happy Birthday Professor/Captain hope its a great one. Engage!