Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Job Hunting and Keeping busy and Mr. 100 days the book.

Well if you've read previous blogs you'd know that I am currently out of a job, this does not sit well with me, and while I'm in a place that's okay right now, I absolutely want to get back to work, as long as its the right job.

So my daily routine is checking the job sites, Monster, Civil jobs, Linkedin, all the sites and making sure I'm checking whats out there.

If you're on Linkedin, feel free to add me as a contact - John Kindelan.

I'm updating my resume and looking at going back to school, thought about a new career path but  it be hard to walk away from almost 20 years of experience.

I've gotten stuff done around the house and I'm keeping busy.

I'm also working on getting Mr. 100 Days published in book format, started the process last night. 
The book will consist of the first Volume, the first 20 days. 
Because of this, I'll be taking down that portion of the blog from the site, even though the book will have a lot more meaty substance to it.

This will also delay the third volume from starting for a bit, but hey, I had to wait 12 years to get Die Hard With a Vengeance. Be patient, it will be good, I know you'll like it and keep an eye out for Mr. 100 Days Volume 1 the book coming soon. 

I've started a DeviantArt account at Deviantart.com which is a really cool site, and I'll be putting a link up to it here on the BOOM Page. 

If you are someone who would like some help with a blog, social networking, creating facbook pages, web pages or blogs, let me know. Lets see what we can do together.