Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cool Geek Moment for me.

So last night while watching TV, I'm playing around on my iPad, working on a program called Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I'll sometimes take a cool photo I find online and then paint over it, its kinda like tracing, which goes against all I stand for, but its also like inking which is a comic book term for a guy who puts the inks on the artists pencils. If you've seen the movie Chasing Amy then you know this guy is also known as the tracer.

So last night I was working on this one here.

Just messing around, having some fun, nothing to serious, its cool, its John Snow from Game of Thrones with his Dire Wolf Snow. So I finish and I think, this would look cool as my Facebook banner and I go and post it on Facebook so I can update my banner later.

Shortly after I post it, I get a notification that someone has liked my picture. I hop online to see who it is, and to my very geeky joyful surprise its Paco Medina.

Paco Medina is a comic book artist from Mexico City, he's done work on Superman, X-Men and currently Ultimate X-Men. To get something as simple as a Like, from a guy of his caliber and talent was pretty damn cool. Its one thing for your friends and family to like your work its another thing for a professional in the field that you think is great to say he likes it. 

Here's some of Paco's stuff - 

You can see more here on the Comic Art Community - Paco Medina

Thank you Paco, you really made my day.

Feel free to friend request me on Facebook to see more of my art.