Friday, October 14, 2011

Ookla the Mok, first new song in 5 year

I first saw Ookla at the Artists and Models affair in Buffalo years ago when I was a massive TV star, I had at that point been a big fan of their song Arthur Curry. We had a moment where they called out to the crowd "Any requests?" totally being sarcastic as they were sure no one had heard of them before. My friends and I shouted out "Arthur Curry!" they were shocked, and seemed ecstatic that we could shout something out and went right into Arthur Curry (a great song about Aquaman)

Since then I've gotten every album they've come out with and whether its comic geek music or just great stuff like their song Home, you can't help but love these great Buffalo guys.

Check out their new song, this would work awesome for the Star Wars based musical I've been working on for years.