Friday, August 12, 2011

The Home Wrecker

An amazing burger from Magruders on Broadway in Depew. This thing should be a food challenge it was so big. This sandwich was amazing, it was 1/2lb burger with a deep fried chicken breast (and this was no tiny chicken finger, we're talking a full chicken breast) topped with several slices of delicious ham and swiss cheese all topped with marinara sauce. It was like eating a brick. A delicious brick of meat. I was actually able to plow through the whole thing but not able to finish the fries that came with it.

This beast of a sandwich can be found at Magruders on Broadway in Depew. Feel free to sing the name Magruders like its MacGruber from SNL. The cost was only $9.95  pretty much the standard for any burger you'll get anywhere these days where its not sold by a clown or king. But essentially you are getting three sandwiches for the price of one. I can't express enough how big the chicken was and the amount of ham that was on there, its possible the cook was out to kill me.

As I said I finished the whole thing but wow was I stuffed, it required a little salt, but that just might be me, overall the sandwich was great and I can't wait to head back to get another one and take my brother with me, he'll love this thing.