Monday, May 9, 2011

New Zelda Movie?

Whats that have I come across some Hollywood information that hasn't been released yet? No, not exactly the game of Zelda, one I'll admit I have barely played has been a topic of conversation between myself and my oldest son Dyllan.

He love the game, me, not so much, I'm more of a fighting game than an adventure game. He knows I can sit and play Mortal Kombat for hours and he can have link running through his adventures. As the new Motal Kombat game just recently come out, and we got it, and I can't stop playing it this has caused more discussions and debates over the games.

Dyllan has me beat where the Mortal Kombat movies are horrible, with Christopher Lambert as Rayden in the first MK movie and the second one has James Remar (Dexter's Dad) in the second one. Ugh! I say he has me beat because at this point there is no Zelda movie. So I'm going to write one.

The concept: An announcement goes out that they're going to make a Legend of Zelda film. The fans go nuts hoping that Peter Jackson will be the director and make it as epic as the Rings. However, it will be directed by M. Night Shyamalan and he plans on making it as great as he did Avatar. To make things worse they have announced Justin Bieber is playing the role of Link. This inspires a group of hardcore Zelda fans, along with a Mortal Kombat playing older guy, hint hint, to take road trip to try and stop this movie from being made. Think Fanboys meets Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I'll be having casting sessions soon, if anyone is interested, drop me a line and let me know.