Friday, February 11, 2011

X-Men First Class trailer released

I'm so confused!!!!
You know what I think, I think I'm going to not like this because all of the non comic book people are going to love it the way they loved Wolverine Origins.

Here's some breakdowns of it

After we see Professor X and Magneto we see Emma Frost?

Which is confusing because how is she as old as Prof X and Magneto.
And wasn't she in Wolverine Origins and Prof X was already Patrick Stewart?
Also Kennedy is on the television talking about Cuba, this had to be 1962, around there, Emma looks about 20 lets say, so she's almost 70 today?

Then we see:
Who is supposed to be based on Angel Salvadore: 
A minor character from the Grant Morrison run with New X-Men. 
Whom also is much younger than Cyclops
I was not that big of a fan.

Then we see whom I think is Henry McCoy:
The needle I'm guessing is the injection he gives himself to turn himself into the blue haired beast.
Odd, but okay whatever. The way he really became blue haired was a kiss from a mutant that boosts powers so this makes more sense I guess.

Havok. AKA Alex Summers which is interesting since we see something later on.

Darwin, whom apparently looks more human than he does in the book.
Having Havok and Darwin on the team goes back to the secret origin story of the X-Men that not too many people are familiar with.

Next up:
Moira McTaggert and Mystique. Why they got someone younger to play Mystique I'm not sure, her power has kept her young over the years so they still could have used Rebecca Romaine

The blackbird flies across the screen and the pilot is now a blue furry Beast in full on Wolfman mode
We see his face and see that it was a painful transformation for him.

We then meet some villians?
The Hellfire Club

A guy who looks like Dorian Grey (far left) Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw (sans pony tail) and a diamond Emma Frost. While yes Frost was in the Hellfire Club she didn't get there until much later and was there for the Wolverine, Colossus years, not Professor X years.

This appears to be Havok using his powers, so what they've done is make it look more like Cyclops energy signature from the other movies. However us geeks no Havok's power is not red.

Finally we see this.
Again creeper Dorian Gray, Sebastian Shaw and a teleporter.
Who teleported in the Hell Fire Club?
No one I can recall.

So it looks like they are just making some version of X-Men and we are to not necessarily forget about the first three films, but definitely forget Wolverine Origins. Which most people are happy to do.